- I watched the opening night of Season 12. Finally, KUWTK looks like quality tv. It had much better storyline and tension than previous seasons. After watching hundreds of episodes to research my book, my mind almost turned to mush. I guess the execs at E huddled and decided to up [...]

If Donald wins, Melania would be the first presidential spouse since Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy, to be born outside the United States. Mrs. Trump would also be the first for whom English is not a native language. Melania would be the only known first lady who once posed nude. In 2000 [...]

Sources in the Republican Party told IUC today that a juicy political scandal about Donald Trump is about to erupt. Historically, we’ve seen political scandals involve sex, greed, cronyism, corruption and false information. The voters feel betrayed while late night talk show hosts have a field day. Is Trump above the law? [...]

Jackie Collins made a difference in the world. She leaves a lasting legacy. The sheer force of her writing, incredible stamina and infectious personality will be missed forever. She was renowned for her literary explorations of steamy Hollywood fiction long before 50 Shades came on the scene. Back in 2002, [...]

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IUC Travel: [...]

The first reviews of my new book, The Deadly Price Of Fame (the tragic story of Whitney Houston and her beloved daughter Bobbi Kristina), have been published. I need all your support to make this book a success. I am eternally grateful!!!! Love you all!!!!
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