Hollywood Undercover just came out in several Spanish countries.  This review  came out today in Mexico.  Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a series of interviews for the film based on the book, His Highness Hollywood.  And here’s a pic of the just released paperback, featuring an added chapter on my escapades in NYC last year with [...]

The same place where I filmed much of my undercover film His Highness Hollywood was rocked by a shooting spree yesterday.  Hope my flick ain’t pissing off folks enough to make them pull up at Scientology with guns.  (Dlist)
Check out this clip from the film of the instructor at Scientology hooking me up to their notorious Emeter
His Highness being [...]

- A lot of Yids were worried about Barack’s position toward Israel. Seems he has tons of friends who are Yids, including his new Chief of Staff – IUC predicts he’ll be the President to finally resolve the MidEast crisis.
- The London escort who opened up to IUC about her high profile clients will [...]

Had an amazing time yesterday speaking to packed audiences at Lauren Hill (formerly Sir Winston) and Gardenview School. Special thanks to the incomparable, amazing and dynamic team of EMSB P.R. Chief Mike Cohen and Stuart Nulman for putting it all together. The students asked questions that were better than some of the top [...]

Let’s Make Lemons out Lemonade
We missed you yesterday during our mysterious blackout. To try and make it up to you, here is a coupon to purchase His Highness Hollywood for $14.99 (free S+H in US and Canada). Normally its 19.99. Hey, buy 2 and get your Christmas Shopping done early (its a pretty cheap gift [...]

The site was overflowing all morning with record traffic. Thank You! But it turns out that was not the problem for the mysterious eight hour shutdown. Once we investigate further and find out the real cause we’ll let you know. Unfortunately, we probably would have had a few million hits today [...]

Wow, this is too cool. One of the most respected sites in NYC, Jossip.com, wrote an article today about my new film His Highness Hollywood. CHECK IT OUT
To buy the film with a special free shipping offer click here Superdupa.com


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