Sailing without jib,
wood floats,
green wood turning,
2015 – year of the goat,
can you take us higher?,
to the sky high apple pie,
up in the old hotel,
in a natural high,
ruby truncate string,
sitting is the new smoking,
kills more people than HIV,
move that dope,
silver dance kaleidoscope ,
shake and go,
in the land of the midnight sun,
where rivers run free,
equality is king,
laugh [...]

- Difference between Hollywood Christmas and real world
- Beyonce Christmas Cleavage
- Angie earns but is she Unbroken
IUC Travel: Who needs the beach? Hotel Kempinski in Sofia creates the perfect urban oasis, including a spectacular pool, health club and several mouth watering restaurants. No detail is spared at this eye popping gem smack [...]

Kris and Bruce Divorced – No shocker!!!
Does Jen really forgive Angie?
Man paid 150k to look like Kim K
Brad rejected for jury duty
IUC Travel: Budapest Part III
Top 5 Things about Budapest this holiday season:
1) Ferris Wheel across from Budapest’s fabulous hotel – Kempinski Hotel Corvinus
2) The outdoor Christmas Fairs/markets
3) The Nutcracker playing [...]

Obama urges diplomatic ties to Cuba
Should Seth Rogan/James Franco film be distributed?
Angie moves out???
IUC Travel (Budapest Part II): The defining element of Budapest’s cuisine is its endlessness of quality restaurants. No matter where you go in stunning Budapest there is an omnipresent food culture that rivals some of the world’s top cities like [...]

Angie has chickenpox – misses premiere!

Creed’s Scott Stapp sad downward spiral
Lilo says she’ll never move back to L.A.
Travolta’s Scientology Sauna Detox program get U.S. government funding
IUC Travel: Budapest is Europe’s hidden gem. It encompasses the chic culture of Paris and the incredible gastronomy of Italy – cleaner and safer than any city I’ve [...]


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