Dr. Murray was motivated by one word, and one word only CASH!!!!! Check out my interview today with journalist scoop champ Dylan Howard on (Radar)

I hope Murray rots behind bars. As I said in my book and film, The King of Pop would still be alive today if it was not for the vultures around him. MJ’s final days is all documented in the film I directed, please watch it here (Gone Too Soon)
To hear the groggy [...]

dark souls armor…canon flash difuser…going for broke…enchanted boomerang…not without salt…devils tower fees…smokey taboo…the long and winding road!!!!
te amo,

People Magazine thinks they have some big scoop today (People) Better check People, I broke this story months ago. What took you so long? (Extra) Amazes me how slow the mainstream media can be!!!!!

Lots of racist and sexist jokes. Was it too much or did you enjoy it? (Mike Tyson Roasts Sheen) let us know…and check out the trailer for my film about Charlie (Youtube)

Clearly, there’s far more to this story. For some reason Brad got the shakes and backed down from what he spewed to Parade. Please, give us your thoughts (READ THIS)
- IUC Sunday Dining Picks: Red has a magnetic ability to serve up the best, making it Florida’s hottest beef palace. South [...]

RIP 911 Victims…We Remember!!!

Posted on September 11th, 2011 by HisHighness in IUC:Bits

The saddest thing in life is loss of loved ones. Right now I’m watching on tv the family members of 911 victims read out the names of the deceased – a beautiful and poetic tribute. Here’s one from HRH to everyone who has lost loved ones – it’s called Missing The Best Days [...]


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