A crew member of the hit show Two and a half Men told IUC that troubled actor Charlie Sheen needed drugs to get through shooting most episodes of the hit show. “It’s so sad what has happened to Charlie,” the longtime crew member of the hit CBS comedy show told IUC. “But it [...]

If you could watch a sex tape of any two celebs bonking one another, who would it be???? IUC Choice – Tiger Woods and Lilo Lohan.

Two journalists who dot the pages of newspapers with a conscience and demonstrate an ethic of active compassion are Sweden’s Anna Benson and Montreal’s Mike Cohen. Amongst many other acts of devotion, Anna is a former world class ping pong player and recently had a vernissage in Miami with fellow Swede Jonas Hedqvist. [...]

Give any filmmaker a mega million buck budget and the end result should be nothing less than Picasso or Mozart. Since becoming a mega film star few roles have been adapted into masterpieces by Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp, an actor I think is brilliant, should have known better than to get involved [...]

I met Jack in Venice Beach back in 2005 when he was doing a charity fitness exhibition on the beach. He had a great sense of humor and was extremely affable and humble. Before spinning, kickboxing and power yoga there was Jack. His empathy for the human physical condition made him one [...]

The sun and good friends are the universal icons for all life in this world. I love you all. This pic was taken yesterday after a couple sets of tennis doubles. Here’s a few of my favorite quotes about the meaning of friends:
Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see [...]


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