Instead of shopping her pics around for 10k, Lilo has another way to be rescued from her financial troubles. A wealthy Japanese businessman told IUC today he’s willing to pay Lilo 200k for a hot night of passion or 2 million bucks to have his baby. “I’ve always had the hots for her,” [...]

From his childhood in Austria to his rise as a star of American conservative politics, the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life reads like the script of a Hollywood B-movie penned by Horatio Alger. Thank you Page Six for launching the first story on my new book which is based on extensive research, undercover forays, [...]

A close friend says the glam couple have been stuck in a rut for “at least the past three years”. The friend claims to have inside info that the couple are in divorce discussions and that it will be “one of the nastiest celebrity divorces Hollywood has ever seen.” “I was not surprised [...]

It was well documented in my book Hollywood Undercover and my film His Highness Hollywood. Now, another author has come out with similar revelations. (Showbizspy)

Angie loves self-aggrandizement and publicity stunts. This one takes the cake! (Read This)

Will she be slim and scrumptious? Talented and smart enough for Peter Parker? (EW)

aris Hilton is headed back to the U.S. on her private jet, which was paid for by the promoters bringing her to Japan. The stiffed promoters, IUC has learned, will make Hilton pay for the private jet they booked her and demand reimbursement of some 430k U.S. they shelled out to promote Hilton’s [...]


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