Seems like trouble is brewing in the Oval bedroom. Will the Obamas last? (Showbizspy)

longtime associate of Aniston told IUC this weekend that, as a hedge against her advancing age, the star actress recently had her eggs frozen at a Southern California fertility clinic. The source added that she expects Aniston to retrieve her frozen eggs for conception soon. “She will be an amazing mother,” the [...]

- The following is a bold description of Kenny Chesney: Inwardly broken, creeper and joke of the day. This womanizing country crooner IUC has nicknamed “Cheating Chesney” recently vacationed with ESPN’s Jenn Brown. My sources claim Chesney has had misadventures with bewildered women all over the world.
- If Justin Bieber is so [...]

Scarface dopey…white on black rims…snocone for breakfast, lunch and siesta…sunbiz dissolution…spewing coked out random shit…drugged out orgy cage…crying and hormones…injecting subutex…mama junkie rumors…too rolling stoned live…when she’s 100 she’ll still have sniffles…two legs and eight hands…hotel party pardor…kissing lincoln penny…wiping hard drive clean…powder coating since age 14…lis pendens…full metal alchemist…sweet and expensive…long butterfly dress…L.A. veteran [...]

In the hours after her most recent arrest several new details about Paris Hilton’s murky past couple of months have come to light. A close friend of Hilton’s told IUC today the heiress was almost put behind bars at the World Cup soccer event back in July when her family’s powerful lawyers intervened and [...]

A household employee told IUC Angie actually asked her this a couple years back. What’s your take? let us know

n a spasm of defensive panic, John Mayer lashed out at the Huffington Post and other sites for claiming he reunited with Aniston. (Read This) IUC stands by its story that Aniston is dating a mystery man from Germany. “I don’t know how you found out but you’re right on the money,” [...]


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