- Penelope Cruz has been heard telling friends now that she’s Javier Bardem’s full time bitch she intends to be more famous than Angelina Jolie. “Penelope wants to be the top name in Hollywood,” a friend told IUC. “Now that she’s married to Javier she could be well on her way to being [...]

Very few Hollywood/sports marriages have lasted more than a period. Will this one be different? Considering both parties spend most of the year apart on the road and will undoubtedly have many lonely nights, IUC doesn’t have much hope here. Let us know your thoughts.

The Nasty show at Club Soda is amazing. Jim Norton (HBO, Opie&Anthony) is just plain funny. He takes everyday things and makes them hilarious. Norton stole the show with his sharp tongued, super intelligent wit. His Tiger Woods bit had the place in stitches. Not to be missed! (Special [...]

My J.A. source swears the starlet has signed up with an international adoption agency. “Jen wants to take a break from Hollywood and focus on raising a family,” the source said. “It will happen sooner than later.” Meanwhile, it appears Jen has a man in mind to play the role of daddy [...]

This enigmatic starlet seems to be widely loved or despised. She gets points for her relentless charity work. Is she for real, let us know your thoughts. check this out (NY Daily News)

Another Indian restaurant to sink my teeth into….literally….
While Dhaba isn’t exclusively vegetarian, the selection of both veggie dishes and meat dishes alike are extensive.
Dhaba’s decor does a great job of merging both modern and traditional by using very colorful fabric wall ‘padding’ that from a distance almost look like giant spools of thread. They are [...]

Hint: This woman has had a history of dating married men.


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