Few realize that Facebook is a complete waste of life. As people spend hours each day chatting and posting on their FB pages the owners of FB laugh all the way to the bank. After much thought, I have decided to leave Facebook forever. And I don’t regret it one bit. [...]

Not exactly Manhattan, but breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline from a stone’s throw over the 59th Street Queenboro Bridge. A playful and sprawling rooftop, Penthouse 808 does an amazing job breaking the monotony and redundancy of Manhattan’s shaky, overcrowded rooftops that are too loud and claustrophobic to enjoy the views. This super [...]

Untrusted application launcher…singing the blues like Marty Robbins…buttnumbathon…butt naked near death….like Michaelangelo Antonioni…guresome twosome tour…often three…and four…and five…duped torrents…gory anime..ghetto talkswitch…boring and jacking…sources of calcium…gone baby gone…Brad’s bibme…his scanty urination…all over France…all over new tome gone sour…where’s the beef???…Did you bang the babysitter when she was blind and shutter…And you got nothing to lose…And you’re [...]

I revealed the exact same thing. I didn’t, however, focus on Ethan Hawke. That was one of the nuggets I left out for legal reasons. I have learned Morton read my book cover to cover several times. I hope he has another #1 bestseller. Morton is a good bloke, even [...]

CBS Radio host Lil’ Ern’ is one of the best in the biz. He always shoots from the hip. It was a pleasure to guest on his show again. check out the interview here (The Unfiltered Show)


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