My Royal source tells me The Queen was furious with Duchess Sarah’s behaviour last month but decided to stay quiet in fear that Fergie might blow the whistle on the Royal Palace. “Fergie’s got the goods on the Palace,” the longtime Royals’ employee told me. “So much has gone on in the Palace [...]

My heart goes out to Nelson Mandela after losing his beloved great granddaughter Zenani, 13, in a car accident following a star studded concert to kick off the World Cup. There are no words to describe the pain of burying a child. RIP Zenani.

A miner for a heart of gold…He’d been to Hollywood…He’d been to Redwood…offed him to pasture…hurt locker…God cannot alter the past…minions scourgestone…morally ambiguous…against the current…fought with swords…unjust enrichment…should I stay or should I go…darling you gotta let me know…Si no me quieres, librame…Yo me enfrio o lo sufro…He picked me up at 7 and he [...]

I don’t think we’ve heard the beginning of what really happened to child star Gary Coleman. According to a former Hollywood colleague, who knew Coleman well, the pint sized actor feared for his life. “Gary told me several times he didn’t think he’d live a day past 45,” the source told IUC. [...]

Awareness is the key to eradicating poverty, and so is donating cash. Bravo to Idol Adam Lambert for urging his fans to donate. (Broadway World)

Some people say your life is defined by your opportunities, and this A list couple does not miss even one. They seem to find a way to make it happen if there is not one. Maybe that is because their child/children are kicking their asses and the feel life is passing them by, or worrying [...]

This A-Lister trades her body for coke to a top Hollywood producer. If her partner ever found out I don’t think he’d be jumping for joy. Who can it be????


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