This superstar couple, according to one of their close friends, bought huge land in KL three years ago and have over 90 foster children living there – all illegally. According to the source, the couple call it their own “children’s farm”. Who can it be????

A Hollywood hunk linked to an A-List actress threatened a porn producer recently with a barrage of legal letters after finding out the porn producer had a video of himself, his actress lover and a 22-year-old Hollywood man engaging in a threesome. Who can it be???? Let us know.

I’m extremely saddened to learn child star and controversial actor Gary Coleman suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. The cause here is not just some fall that Coleman’s damage control folks have been telling the media. Coleman and his wife Shannon Price have beaten each other’s brains out for years. Lots [...]

A former London high end call girl who calls herself “Rod Steward” told IUC today that Prince Andrew was a client of hers for almost nine years. “We had a long business relationship,” Steward said. “Andrew loves my long red hair. He prefers shagging redheads. He told me I pleased him [...]

A day after being caught, in an undercover sting, of accepting a 500,000 pound offer in exchange for access to her ex husband Prince Andrew, new allegations have surfaced against the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson. According to a former press attache for the Duchess, it was not the first time she accepted cash [...]

My Royal source told me minutes ago that Sarah Ferguson has completely gone over the edge in light of the News of The World’s shocking undercover report that Ferguson accepted a deal for 500 thousand pounds in exchange for access to her ex husband, Prince Andrew.
“For the first time it appears that Sarah sees no [...]

An A-List actress in her twenties has been spreading sexual crabs like wildfire, IUC has learned. At least three dozen lovers have contracted sexual crabs by having sex with this out of control actress. “I had sex with her at her pad two weeks ago and woke up the next day with my [...]


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