Michael Jackson’s long time doctor, Arnold Klein, has confirmed the claim by his former assistant, Jason Pfeiffer, that Pfeiffer and the singer were lovers. On the syndicated TV show, EXTRA, yesterday, Jason Pfeiffer claimed that he and Michael were lovers for more than a year until the singer’s 2009 death. Pfeiffer, who has already produced [...]

Last summer, just weeks after I revealed in my book Unmasked that Michael Jackson had gay lovers, Jason Pfeiffer came out and gave details of his affair with The King Of Pop the last couple years of his life. Now, Pfeiffer reveals all to Extra in a shocking exclusive interview. As I’ve repeatedly [...]

A peace deal between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James was brokered after three gruelling weeks of negotiations by lawyers on both sides, a source close to the couple revealed to IUC yesterday. The key component of the deal was a verbal promise by Bullock to James to leave the door open to future reconciliation, [...]

****I will post first thing in the morning, I’m still waiting on one more source****

Hollywood writer Christopher Heard needs no introduction, having penned highly acclaimed tomes on stars like Johnny Depp, Kiefer Sutherland and Mickey Rourke. His latest, on controversial pop princess Britney Spears, is another fine piece of revelations to add to Heard’s already impressive bibliography. In a nutshell, this book is neither dry nor slow [...]

A Bulgarian actress who worked on a film in 2007 with Steven Seagal is next in the line of women to come out of the woodwork with lurid sex stories with the disgraced film star. “Stefka” told IUC that when she worked on the film Submerged with Seagal she had a “raunchy” affair with [...]


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