Very thoughtful of Jess James to use his wife’s credit card to pay for a high priced call girl while Sandra was away filming Blind Side. IUC has learned that a top call girl from Ohio named “Sammy” who now resides in Orange County collected tens of thousands from James (much of it charged [...]

This letter from Tabitha Williams is a must read, especially to all the MJ fans who have repeatedly tried to discredit my book, most without ever reading a paragraph from it. Please read this:
Good afternoon, Ian. This is going to be a long one.
I listened to the audiobook of Unmasked: The Final [...]

Last week during my Sirius Radio segment on Opie and Anthony I predicted the Jesse James saga would reach Tiger Woods proportions once women started coming out with tales of sexcapades with him. Since I made my prediction four women came out. Why hasn’t Sandra filed for divorce???? It’s obvious James has [...]

My sources say more trouble is brewing in Brangie’s camp. Apparently Brad is not thrilled how much time Angie spends apart from the children. Check out today’s review of my book (Blogcritics)

So sad about the passing of this talented actor. But everyone saw the writing on the wall. Why didn’t anyone step in and save him? (Gather) Why are we seeing so many talented stars fade because of drug addiction? IUC has learned that a powerful Hollywood couple have taken illegal prescription drugs [...]

Greetings girlfriends…three days grace…sudenkorento…sudanile sleepover…no wish your were here…culprit worms…tattoo fonts…crackberry bottle…cherries popping…feeling each other’s tubes…fedora beard…luscious for the love…now called baby and three…just like Tom and Gisele…Just like John and Elizabeth…hornady ballistics…putative women…parlez vous francais…chocolate mousse for desert…sex and the French city…who’s on first…angels and demons…baby and three…papa doo run run!!!!
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