I’ll reveal more soon, she was with a bodyguard and looked tired. We gazed at each other for a second before moving on – this was totally off the hook!!!!

Contrary to reports that Lada Gaga got a new tatoo in honor of her fans, IUC has learned that Gaga’s new imprint is a tribute to the love of her life, Angie Jolie. “Angie inspired her to get a tatoo,” a musician in Gaga’s band told IUC. “Gaga and Angie are soulmates. [...]

Hours after ex Hollywood teenage hunk Leif Garrett was busted again for drugs a notorious Hollywood Madame spilled all to IUC about Garrett’s atrocious addictions. Hollywood Madame “Renata” who over the years has serviced the likes of A-Listers Jack Nicholson, Charlie Sheen and Queen Latifah claims that Garrett often sold himself for sex to [...]

He received a nomination yesterday. This hearthrob has been linked to all kinds of women over the years to avoid being blacklisted. “He’s as gay as Liberace,” a Hollywood insider told IUC yesterday. Who can it be????

Angie loves stealing men who are attached. Now, if you believe the tell all bible of all time Star Magazine, Angie has been horsin and dosin Johnny Depp with red wine and lots of charm. Will she be successful? What has Gaga got to say about it all? (Star)

Sources close to the Material Girl say it got pretty ugly between Madge and Jesus. IUC has learned that Madge hired a private detective to track down Jesus bonking an 18 year old Brazilian fashion model living on Manhattan’s lower east side. “Madonna’s B.S. detector is very high,” the source said. “Jesus [...]


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