She wants your love and revenge…do you want her disease…I want you horror…I want your design…Gaga and Angie could write a bad romance…fear is the lock…the atrium to new phases…no bottomless Pitt…soul is sleeping…crazy, nervous breakdown…La La ooh La La…bad romance…focus changs forever…better than Billy Bob…worse than brother James…another bad romance…LaLa ooh la la…off on [...]

Brangelina made the public appearance IUC predicted they’d make a few days back. My sources close to them and inside their Los Feliz home insist the couple is positioning to go separate ways. “Last night was a complete act,” the source said. “They needed to quiet down all they hype and appearing [...]

The Lady might be wearing red see through panties underneath her Grammy outfit tomorrow night. GaGa just doled out almost 80k on lingerie according to one of her handlers. “There’s a someone special in her life that she wants to please,” the source said. When asked if it might be Angie Jolie [...]

He’s been on a public campaign for months trying to save his beloved daughter Lilo. Meanwhile, this douche can’t stay away from mischief. Recently, he charmed Kate Major into a couple of nights in the hay and was branded “a complete nutjob” by a former colleague. Now, he’s back where he belongs [...]

A longtime acquaintance of Lady GaGa told IUC today that the enigmatic pop star has always been infatuated with Angelina Jolie. “If there’s one person in the world she talks repeatedly about it’s Angelina,” the source who asked to be referred to as “Benito” said. “For years GaGa has had a thing for [...]

A source close to the actress told IUC late last night that there was recently a secret rendez vous between the two at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that lasted all night. Apparently, Angie is obsessed with Lady GaGa. Still, I reserve judgment on this one until I see more proof. Developing…


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