IUC has learned an A-list celebrity tried to commit suicide on August 27. The star had been going through a very rough patch and became extremely despondent when he lost a close member of his family. We hope this star gets back on the right track.

My favorite has to be Jerry Hall peeling it all off in The Graduate shortly after she split from Mick Jagger. She won over critics with an outstanding performance. For more theater stipping READ THIS
Let us know which nude scenes are your favorite in film or on stage.

New York celebrity artist Daniel Edwards has sculpted the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and now none other than Angie Jolie, holding not one but two of her babies like footballs. Is this a piece of art or is it a shameless act of p.r.? let us know.

I believe the Queen of Media on this one – the media honeymoon is over for America’s most controversial couple. Finito la musica. Their TLC show ratings are a complete disaster and the show has not a prayer to be renewed according to a post by Kate on her facebook site. Do [...]

Angie Jolie has dispelled any rumors about a silver screen reunion with her beau Brad. Don’t look for a Smith sequal or any other projects involving both members of the golden couple. (More Here)

A flurry of international outrage erupted this weekend after highly acclaimed film director Roman Polanski, 77, was arrested in Zurich on a longstanding international arrest warrant for the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl. What are your thoughts on this? Does Polanski deserve to finally face the music? let [...]

Each weekend we’ll focus more and more on travel related stories, often with a celebrity hook. Today, IUC presents its top three hotel destinations in North America to stay at this autumn. These places are a must to check out.
1) Sofitel LA – You may accuse me of being obsessed with luxury hotels [...]


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