Everyone from CNN , NBC, CBS, GMTV to obscure radion stations and newspapers in Indiana, Moscow, and Manchester have called.  I broke my silence in The London Daily Mail – (Click Here)

****UPDATE II*****
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(London Daily Mail)
(Le Soleil)

IUC exclusive: On December 24, 2008 I told In Touch Magazine senior editor Noah Levy Michael Jackson had “six months to live,” after I learned that he had a life-threatening condition. In Touch published an indepth story on my research.  The next day, Jackson’s official spokesman Tohme Tohme said [...]

No Words Today

Posted on June 25th, 2009 by HisHighness in 1

This is a very sad day.  I’m off to the funeral of an amazing boy who tragically died at age six a few days ago.  My thoughts and prayers are with the parents who are incredible, first class people.  I’m at a loss for words.  RIP A.P.R.  – you will be missed forever.

Cirque creator/billionaire Guy Laliberte issued a company wide letter a few days ago telling his employees that people are trying to bring him down and told them not to worry because he’s good at poker and he’s unbeatable, a Cirque employee leaked to IUC.  IUC was also contacted by a major U.S. TV investigative news show that [...]

John Mayer’s ignorant – he couldn’t make Jennifer Aniston orgasm and he’s the most pretentious musician on the planet.  His music sucks – no edge, nothing original, everything lifted from greats of years gone by.  Maybe he’ll punch me in the face for saying this but he’s a moron, loser and in the closet homo.  [...]

Black Eyed singer Will.I.Am is trying to hard to live up to his bands’ name, obviously thinking he’s above the law – what a coward this dufus is.  He couldn’t even fight his own battle.  I hope he gets 10 years for clocking an important and dedicated member of the media, Perez Hilton.  (FoxNews)

A member of the Royal Family contacted IUC two weeks ago expressing concern that Princess Diana was part of a murder plot by the Royal Family.  The Royal Family member claim Prince Philip and one of his workers plotted Diana’s murder for months, in fear that Diana had secret information on the Royal Family that would bring them [...]


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