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Posted on March 5th, 2009 by HisHighness in Talk Royalty with His Highness

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  1. laine said on February 24th, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    You said earlier that Jake had been in love with Heath and that Heath broke his heart. Could you explain what you mean? Was there an affair between Jake and Heath? You know Austin Nichols has been Jake’s boyfriend since 2004 , so how did Heath fit in.

  2. Kate said on February 24th, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Great chat Ian, lively fun, too bad many of us do not have web cam. If you have Sugar Ray on that will be interesting. Gu

    Luna I wondered about that too, but something we will have to ask Sugar .
    Ian said clearly on the chat with MD & CZJ they were going into counseling to try and save the marriage.
    Couples cheat split get back work it out all the time. As far as tearing Jolie apart, what he did is minor compared to what she has done the last four years to Jennifer. She deserves, but if she gets her act together and comes clear, all deserve forgiveness. Not Pitt unless he publicly admits he is a liar.

  3. HisHighness said on February 24th, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    first off, thanks so much Kate for all your valuable input. I could not agree with you more here.

  4. fresca said on March 3rd, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    The Eonline board is enjoying the Brangelina history month its one of the most hopping threads.

    I missed the broadcast, anyone want to fill me in on what I missed?

  5. Tigerlilly said on March 3rd, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    So, then does this mean some “inside information” on Pitt too? If so, what a coinkydink….

  6. Kate said on March 5th, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    We can only hope since he is parading around Washington D.C like he is the next Presidential candidate for 2012. lol. I am starting to wonder if Uncle Mikey muzzled Mr. Catone or perhaps the giving partner that kept on giving did. he he.

    Ian has certainly rattled some souls to sleepless nights , to the point they are sending their French tutors out to do their battles for them. Onward soldier , next up , Maddox. Pax will have to wait he is still trying to learn to speak English I have heard. You would think with 18 nannies around someone could spend enough time with him to do that.

    Aren’t we terrible, as bad as the uncivilized patrons that sat in the hot seats watching the poor criminals and Christians getting ripped apart by the lions once the Gladiators were finished beating the shit out of each other. Lets see, I guess that makes Pitt and Jolie the Glads and the poor children the poor souls the lions will devour. We are just the sorry hapless fans that don’t really care. One should be careful to wish for such fame and power. Bradley did look good in that skirt though. Better without it on top of the naked peasant. lmao. Everyone at DL sure thought so. Now, Sugar come tell us if Slim agreed.

    Ian, we await the the biggest scoop of the year on a nasty custody fight, who will be the most evil in this fight and how will they win?

  7. Kate said on March 5th, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    So what is Mr. Brad Pitt up to- LA TIMES Today-

    But her significant other, Brad Pitt — not in disguise — has been busy, busy, busy, meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House this morning.

    UPDATE: According to AP, Pitt’s meeting with President Barack Obama was confirmed by White House spokesman Thomas F. Vietor.

    According to the WashPo’s Reliable Source, Pitt kept up an impressive schedule of meetings this week to discuss post-Katrina reconstruction in New Orleans, one of his favorite charitable causes.

    He and real-estate millionaire/Democratic fundraiser/movie producer Steve Bing, Pitt’s partner in a project to help New Orleans’ ravaged Ninth Ward, met up yesterday with Energy Secretary Steven Chu and folks at the Housing and Urban Development offices.

    Today, Pitt will also meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    Read what Tina Daunt at Cause Celeb has to say about Pitt’s DC visit. She’s always got the inside celeb scoop!

    Dude’s making the rounds.

  8. p said on March 5th, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Dude Scentologists don’t prey. EVER. And Jett was receiving orthodox medical treatment. In fact he was put on a very toxic drug so it’s possible he had other medical conditions, that ruled out other meds that are easier to tolerate. It’s always a guessing game bc seizure meds can also intensify seizures, it depends on a lot of factors. So unless Dawn has full access to the boy’s medical records, and understands how to interpret them, she better back off. This is too important for gossip-style guess work, and more complex. If she had problems with the family nixing the diagnosis from the get-go, fair enough, but the time to make waves about that was BEFORE the child died. Otherwise it’s just opportunistic slap-shot journalism.

  9. p said on March 6th, 2009 at 1:55 am

    Actually they do prEy. What they don’t do is prAy.

  10. kick said on March 6th, 2009 at 2:07 am

    LOL- good one!

  11. Kate said on March 6th, 2009 at 4:03 am

    I just wanted to comment on John’s view vs your view Ian that Brad will go back to Jen once he and Hitler split. I thought John made a good point. Brad split with Jen to walk the wild side, and has found himself if we are to believe Sugar Ray on a far more deviant side of the banks than he could have ever imagined. SR said Brad has never recovered from the Pitt bull incident, and we can all agree the guy has aged a good 10 years in the last 5 years. He looks worn out, and the only time he does not is when he is not with Jolie. He has never truly ever given off that feeling of being “in love or having a deep bond ” with Jolie. Just sex lust and rock and roll. He has done all that, and as he has said recently he is now calmer, wants to be with his children. This man is now 45 years old, not 35. He has 6 children that we all seem to feel he will fight to the dirty deeds over, and that is where I disagree with John, Brad will not walk away from his kids. When he says he can not imagine his life without them, I think he means that. He needs someone to help him pick up the pieces. Who is going to give him the warmth the love, the compassion the friendship?

    Now on to Jens sexuality. I do not get why you feel that is zero. Go talk to Ted. There were pictures of Brad being the top there. They had a very very steamy hedonistic relationship for a long time. Lust wears off. The only reason he had the kind of sex he had with Angie ho is because she was his whore, not his wife. Ask yourself this, do you think Brad was turned on after watching her lick that dogs balls? John was right about the tender loving relationship that will come later, but he has not had that now in at least five years.

    I suspect when it gets down to it, and Brad goes looking for a woman to help him raise his little darlings it will not be another whore. He had a genuine love for Jen and that kind of bond does not just vanish. The reason Jen does not have sex now is the same reason a songwriter did not have sex for 8 years, until the day he died, not because he took a vow of celibacy, but because the only person he loved, broke his heart, and married someone else. He could not get that feeling going for someone else, so he just chose not to. There are people Jen has told all over town for years that she does not want to do it with anyone with but him. That is why the people who rag on her do,, because she holds on. Maybe she has had a few one nights here and there, but if the feeling ain’t there it just ain’t. Why bother.

    It may not be Jen, because she may not want to be step mom and deal with the wicked mother on visitation days, or she may not want to wonder if Brad is doing George on boys night out, but I would not be one bit surprised if it her, because he has drifted about as far from the warmth of the fire in his home he could have . Jen looks hot and healthy, and losing a lover can make a girl a wild than she thought. lol

    If not Jen then maybe Matt Damon .LOL

    Did you say they are still living apart, did not catch that? Good show. Poor Michael.

  12. p said on March 6th, 2009 at 5:11 am

    In truth I HAVE seen Brang look at each other with profound love and admiration. However I wonder if that’s projection and pretense or what, given the givens. Brad and Ang are scripted, they’re GREAT at saying what they’re SUPPOSED to say. Looking how they’re supposed to look. A lot of sham. For instance based on actions, I see no indication that Brad in ACTUALITY, wants to slow down a whit. Quite the opposite, he doesn’t, but rather likes the idea of it, or at least projecting the illusion of it for rose-tinted-lensed girly-girls. If he fights for the kids, it’s probably more bc he can’t see Angie getting them, given her sway toward insanity. And genuinely wants to be with them when he doesn’t want to be doing something else. Which is a lot of the time. They’ll always be turned over to the charge of nannies most of the time. Always. Some people like Trump, aren’t interested in investing A LOT of time in kids, and he’s likely one of them. He loves action, piling on projects, hanging with his pals in caviar bars…always has. Plus if he is bi, that’s yet one more thing to exPlore. I’d believe JA hasn’t found a perfect fit yet, and no doubt the public humiliation has left her a mite gun-shy. She has struck me as very circumspect in interviews since the split. Like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. Just bc things didn’t work out between B&A and she hasn’t aired w anyone else, doesn’t mean her ex is in any way, shape or form an answer for her. EVEN if he defaults to a steady warm fire while in turmoil. People do. She said she never really felt comfortable with him and I don’t doubt that. I hope she remembers it… if she ever needs to.

  13. Kate said on March 6th, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    So we got two very calculated media shots in the last two days. One of Brad Pitt standing in the forefront with the awesome dome of the Capitol in the background, and then today one of Jolie sipping a cup of something and holding the book (facing the paps) RESTORING THE BALANCE so we could all see what she is reading. Question is, is this a collected effort, or are they trying to one up each other?

    He was there to meet with Obama and Pelosi, she is filming and reading the book that was basically written for Obama telling him how to do his job in the middle east..I see Trevors handi work in this.

    So have they reconciled , is this damage control, or is this who will be the better parent when it hits court?

  14. Billi said on March 7th, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    What happened to the interactial couple blind – did Ian do a reveal? I missed the first portion of his show.

  15. Keane said on March 7th, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    @ Kate – I don’t think they’ve reconciled, I think they’ve been split for a long time. But that doesn’t mean to say they won’t pretend to still be together for the sake of the general public for a very long time. Remember Madonna was split with Guy for years before she announced it. Their facade could easily be maintained for a very long time. Unless someone dishes the dirt on them.

  16. Liz E. said on March 7th, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    I love how even without any evidence of a “split” some people have decided there must have been a “reconciliation.” Seriously can’t you see how silly this type of baseless speculation is? Don’t cite some “psychic” as your foundation – that doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

    Some people really need to take a break from this. I understand the fun in gossiping about celebrities but the level of obsession evidenced by some posters here can’t be healthy. Be good to yourselves.

  17. hope said on March 7th, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    One thing with Brad is when he is done he is done. I honestly don’t think they are breaking up or having problems, when they do everybody will know.They are no more of a brand than when he was with Aniston and the first signs they were hving problems was the prolonged separation from each other and Jen going on vacation with the Arquette’s without Brad. So when he and Angelina are done, you will see him or are going on shoot withoutthe kids or each other.

  18. Keane said on March 8th, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Liz E. -there is actually plenty of evidence to suggest they’ve split. The fact that they’re hardly ever pictured together any more, of if they are he’s walking 5 paces in front of her. The fact that every appearnace at an awards show or premiere in recent months has looked about as staged and contrived as both of their performances in films. The fact that they are always both blitzed at every do they’ve had to attend together. The fact that they’re always off in separate places, splitting up the kids and taking half each to which ever city they’re going to. The fact that Angelina is looking for an appartment in NY on her own! Seriously the list goes on. And there’s no way they’ve reconciled, we still haven’t seen any evidence of them together apart from at official functions for a very long time. And then there are HW insiders saying they’ve split, so all in all quite a lot of evidence. And how would you know that people here are obsessed with them, just because we choose to discuss them because they make us angry doesn’t mean they’re an obsession. If you want to see obsession just pop along to JustJared, there you’ll see what a Brange obsessive sounds like.

    And Hope – Brad was cheating on Jen for a very long time while living with her and maintaining a united front (he had his and Ange’s image to consider remember). I very much doubt he’s gonna come clean straight away with this one, especially when he knows how bad its gonna look on the family man Brad image he’s carefully manufactured. And you think Brad and Jen were as big a brand as Brange, no way! How many “candid” W magazine spreads, OK/People spreads, staged pap shots of them playing the happy family did you see when they were together? Cos I remember it as zero. All we got from their wedding was one sincere-looking unpaid for snap in fact. Ange has turned him into part of a brand and turned him into a famewhore to boot, that much is undeniable.

  19. Liz E. said on March 8th, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Keane said on March 8th, 2009 at 6:05 pm
    “Liz E. -there is actually plenty of evidence to suggest they’ve split. The fact . . . ”

    I realize you like to believe that you have facts and evidence but you really don’t. What you have is speculation. I don’t understand how you think you can tell something because of where someone is positioned in a photo and what photos are we talking about anyway? Walking through an airport with their kids? Of course, they wouldn’t be right next to each other. The problem with your proffer is that if they are photographed together you call it staged, if they are not photographed together you interpret that to mean they are not together. If they are able to remain under the radar then they are not a couple anymore but if they do surface doing everyday things then it must be for publicity and it must be fake. Do you see the failure in logic here? These simply aren’t reasonable inferences.

    I’m sorry but a tranny and a psychic and unnamed “sources” which are so easily fabricated are hardly good sources to counter what seems to be a couple that is together. Anyone can say they are a HW insider. How many instances were the kids in separate cities? IIRC recently just once and for what seemed like a logical idea and I think it was for one or two nights. These are two incredibly busy people with a large family. Their work and social obligations require travel. For the most part they seem to do things and go everywhere together. That’s what I’ve seen. Isn’t Pitt in Washington with Jolie now? How is that indicative of a couple no longer together? I don’t follow your interpretation of one parent taking some of the kids for certain activities and the other for others. Mom takes the girls to Europe and dad takes the boys safari hunting. Sexist in the day I agree but still perfectly normal. I grew up around many large and well off families and I saw this going on all the time. I actually thought it was very nice and a smart way to raise kids. Kids of different ages like different activities and even tolerate them differently. If you have the resources then you allow the kids to explore and experience things separately as well as together. Kids can drive each other carzy at times and they need and deserve a break from each other even if it’s just a ride to the store with mommy or daddy.

    Perhaps you missed the articles that stated that Jolie was not looking for an apartment in NYC for herself. It was stated she was there, as one could clearly see in the pictures, with the film crew. I have friends on Riverside Drive south of that building – that building is The Riviera on RSD. It’s in Washington Heights/Harlem. Even the residents of the Riviera said they were notified by their building that the film had signed a contract to film in the lobby and an apt overlooking the Hudson. They may have even done some pre-shoots or rehearsal to make sure the apt would work in the scene. Though it’s a nice classic building, if Jolie was looking for an apt, she wouldn’t be looking in Washington Heights/Harlem.

    I have seen many photos or TV shots of them when they seem happy and affectionate but I wouldn’t presume to know what they are thinking or if they are happy or not. Why do you make such presumptions? More interestingly why do you want to? Because you’re angry with them?

    It’s not that you are interested and write about it. Lots of people are. Me included. But it’s the number of posts, the length of posts, the fact that your posts indicate you think you can read their thoughts, that you can read their body language, and that you actually believe you know what is going on between two strangers. Those things make you appear obsessive or at least have a very demanding and time consuming “hobby.” No one knows what is going on in the privacy of their relationship. Whether it’s good or bad. Anyone who tells you they know is just trying to sell you a bill of goods and is just a charlatan. This speculation and intense scrutiny on the topic may be all good for a laugh and fulfill your fantasies if you don’t like her or them but I hope you have the good sense to know it’s all a silly game these celebrity gossip sites play with their readers. They do not know anything for a fact unless there are documents or the like. I read something about “papers” but that means nothing unless they want to produce the so called documents so we can all see them. They can easily make up all sorts of goofy things. The more salacious and goofy, the more visitors they get to their site. See? Easy as ABC.

    I think it’s safer to assume that should they split, they’ll issue some announcement like Pitt and Aniston did when they split. You can be happy then. People this powerful and rich don’t need to do anything they don’t want to do. They certainly don’t need the supreme torture of faking a relationship.

    Okay, now I seem obsessive with this long ass post.

  20. kick said on March 8th, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    @Liz E.:
    Hi Liz:
    Here is the thing. People presume that a couple is in a rift if they are photographed not walking together because for PR purposes, actors always try to maintain a unified front. If they show even the slightest bit of tension or coldness between them, you can bet that is just the tip of the iceburg and there is plenty more they are covering up. Everything they do is for their reputation and bankability. They know that they have to be “on” every single time a camera is pointed at them.

  21. p said on March 8th, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    [with Aniston and the first signs they were hving problems was the prolonged separation from each other and Jen going on vacation with the Arquette’s without Brad. So when he and Angelina are done, you will see him or are going on shoot withoutthe kids or each other.]

    The two situations aren’t directly comparable. There were no kids in the first relationship. Children can make for a drawn out legal process, at least in several cases I’ve seen.

  22. Kate said on March 8th, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    hey certainly don’t need the supreme torture of faking a relationship. –

    You are right, they don’t. But no one is saying they are faking a relationship, Jen and John are doing that. What Brad and Angelina are doing is simply working out the details of the very difficult custody issue that will be long, nasty , and hard on all of them. It takes time to do that. What Ian said what that papers were filed as a prelim, that would be a UCCJEA. That is to keep one from taking off with the kids to another country without the others permission. Now if they have not gotten that far, and just went to theiri attorney and said start the process, I want sole custody, this is why, and gives him what he has on him/her, they begin to build a case before doing anything. Most people are required in California by the Judge to go through mediation before they court will even hear the case. They also will be evaluated by a mental health expert.Now do these rules apply to Brad and Angelina. Who knows? What was said was that Brad was the one who initiated this process, but they both have top notch lawyers in place. I would think that is the smart thing to do even if they are trying to work it out. I agree though with Keane, they are not together, at least not as a couple anymore. Just working out the details to the best interest of all. Why are people happy about this, take a look at each of them. When they split, Angelina will be better off without him controlling her, and happier. He is a slug around her neck, and he will be better off without having to worry about a 7th kid. They are not good for each other. JMO

  23. Hope said on March 8th, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    Yes they can but they don’t have to put up appearance or pretend since according to some of you they already filed litigation papers which I really doubt but to each it’s own. If they show up all lovey dovey, they are pretending if they don’t they are having problems. I will just as well wait and see with these couple. For me, I will buy the problems rumors when they start going to movie shoot separately. So many of the points that a poster made above that point to them having split up just doesn’t add up.
    She wasn’t shopping for an apartment, it was a looking for shooting of SALT and it was corroborated by the tenants in the building.
    Also that they aren’t pictured together anymore, weren’t they just at the Oscar’s together and what awards show pics are contrived and staged? and if they aren’t pictured together, when was the pics taken of him 5ft behind her? I thought they are only separated when she was in NYC for test shoot and he took the kids to Vegas. I feel like we’ve been down this road so many times when everybody was on the split train and it turn out not true. I have asked myself so many times even if they do break up, how does this change my life? I have come to realize whatever happens to them they are forever linked to each other and no matter what I think it’s not going to change that.

  24. p said on March 8th, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    It would certainly benefit celebrities to put on a face, until final arrangements are made. Otherwise they not only have to deal w long drawn out legal battles that often accompany splits, but intensified and extremely touchy questions from the press. As for the rest I agree there are people here that are on the fanciful side with interpretations that borderline hysteria… me I ignore that stuff best I can. Otherwise I like the site, Ian’s and RC’s sources strike me as solid… but there’s no way know for sure… maybe next week they’ll both be sued for slander. What can I say if this stuff bothers you a lot, stay away from gossip sites.

  25. Kate said on March 8th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    Well said , that about sums it up. I don’t understand why anyone bothers to read a gossip site if it upsets them. This is a form of entertainment. I like Ian and SRC, and the intelligent posters here.No harm is anyone stating what they think may or may not be happening. Everyone has an opinion, not everyone has to agree.

  26. Guest said on March 9th, 2009 at 12:21 pm


    Hi Hope! I think the pictures of them walking far apart were the ones where they took the children to The Little Mermaid performance in NYC. Angelina kept hiding her face behind one of her daughters (can’t remember which one), which was kinda strange since they live for these photo ops. Those pictures came out almost immediately after all the Angelina History Month posts. BTW, I’ve noticed that they’ve spread like wildfire (those posts).

    Another thing is that I highly doubt that if Angelina was searching for an apartment for herself that it would be in Washington Hts or Harlem. She could very well be searching for some place to stay, but not in those places. That would be like her buying a house in like East L.A. or Compton, California (or something like that).

    And you’re right. At the end of the day, how will they ever affect my life? The gossip sites are meant for entertainment for most . Others take it to a whole other level.

  27. Hope said on March 9th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    Thank you. People almost foaming at the mouth about how evil a celeb is, seriously. How does that change your day to day life. One of the reasons I am iffy about the sources on here is Brangelina is big money, they would rather sell this info to tabloids than a blog that’s not well known. NE would be all over these info if it was legit so I caution believing the sources because they are too outrageous and salacious to begin with but that they gave the info to this site is even more prosperous but hey we will find out soon enough. The poster who claim Trevor Nielsen got Angelina SALT part that is so far from the truth, the person who gets her all her movie is Geyer Kosinki her manager, Trevor is their Philanthropic adviser and that’s it. I also can’t wrap my head around when Aniston was all broken up over Brad if he was supposedly cheating on her all the years they were together and why fake the romance with Mayer, that makes no sense. I honestly think if she wasn’t with Pitt, she won’t have these many kids IMO. I remember when Angelina’s humanitarian work use to be praised before she was with Pitt and all of a sudden she gets with Pitt and people forget that she got her life together in 2002 before she adopted Maddox and left BBT, who didn’t give a rat ass about the kid, why anybody would think she would go back to him is beyond me but hey shit happens.

  28. Keane said on March 9th, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Hey Liz E., as I’ve said about a hundred times it comes from knowing celebs, having bosses and colleagues who were best mates with HW A-list stars, and gaining an insight into the way the game works from them. Once you gain that insight its easy to tell when a celeb is lying, having a showmance, pretending a relationship is together in public when its been over for years and so on. Do you realise that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were separated for years before they announced the divorce? And this was widely known in London media circles for all that time? Doesn’t it strike you as strange that the terms of their divorce were finalised so speedily (and when they had all those assets to split up)? You think that happened in real time? And do you realise everyone in the media world in London knew about David Beckham’s extra-marital affairs (and hers for a matter of fact) before any of it was ever reported in the press.

    What a lot of the general public simply refuse to believe is that celebs do not want to tell you half of what is going on in their private lives. They only tell the bits that are useful for their marketing, nothing more. Just put yourself in their position, if you were them, would you tell the whole world about the intimate details of your personal life just for the hell of it? Anything they do say is done for one reason and one reason alone, to sell themselves. Anything they don’t want to say will never be talked about in the press. And if a couple is going through a private separation or divorce and there are children involved, you think they’re going to tell the whole world they’re in the midst of a messy custody battle? It simply does not work that way hon, the first thingyou ever hear of a celeb’s split in an official capacity is when its long been a done deal.

    So the only way you can tell what’s really going on with certain celebs is to read between the lines on the basis of what you know about how celeb’s play the media and play the public. It may not be at all obvious to your average Joe if a famous couple are fake or have split, but if you’re more informed about these things then it is. I understand that this is very difficult for someone outside the entertainment/media world to understand as I didn’t have a clue about it before I worked in that industry either. It was certainly a very eye-opening time. And once you become aware of the extent of lying that goes on, the shutters fall away from your eyes and you can see straight through the fake romance of Reese and Jake, of Jen and John (and Paul and Vince), and the fake happy marriages of the likes of Posh and Becks and Brange. To break it down in plainer terms for you, do you realise that fictive relationships between HW stars are one of the biggest and cheapest marketing ploys used by all film marketeers? These made-up relationships are created entirely because they generate pages of front covers and spreads in magazines for the stars and their product, and they cost the advertisers absolutely zero. If you were trying to sell your film to the world and you had the choice of spending millions of dollars on advertising revenue and simply making up a showmance that would guarantee headlines for months for diddly squat, which would you choose? I think the answer is obvious. And the same with Brange, they will keep up appearances for as long as is necessary for the sake of their brand. This is not just about their relationship its very big business. Being Brange earns them literally millions of dollars every year in the cut they take from the swet-up pap shots and magazine spreads alone. Couples keep up the pretence to bring in the bank in HW all the time, its realy not that much trouble to show up and smile for the cameras for a few evenings when the difference between doing so and not doing so is millions of bucks. Basically, as Ian has said, the story we are sold about a celeb’s personal life is often as much of a fiction as their films. But the world naively believes that the film = fiction, the magazine interviews = truth. But that is a total fallacy. And it just shows how effective it is because nearly everyone unquestioningly believes it, and anyone who dissents from that and points out its one big marketing ploy is automatically derided as obsessive, insane, gulliblem deluded etc. The truth is quite the opposite in fact.

    But hey, ultimately you can say what you want, that I’m obsessed with Brange, that I’m angry at them , that I’m a Jen Hag etc, the usual lines, it makes no bones to me! What the truth is is that I get very angry at the massive deception practiced by many celebs on the general public, and the utter dishonesty of the image they have created. For me Brangelina have got to be the greated offenders in that they began their relationship by cheating on and publicly humiliating another woman, they continued it by attempting to save their public skin by blaming the woman who got cheated on for the whole thing, they adopted and popped out babies like there was no tomorrow without any thought as to whether this was good for them in an attempt to keep the image going, and continue to use the kids like accessories to this day. Their reward for this behaviour is elevation to virtual sainthood. Now does that not make you even the remotest bit angry that 2 such individuals should not only get away with that but make a fortune into the bargain? Well it does me, and like Ian says, vritually no journo ever dares to call them out on it as they are simply too powerful right now.

    And as I have said many a time before, the number and length of my posts is due to a) I think and write fast b) I get bored easil;y and can’t do just one thing at once c) I’m stuck at home a lot at the moment for reasons which are absolutely none of your business. And as for it being my hobby, I have many other interests, very varied and wide-ranging: world politics, literature, cookery, fashion, interior design, dance, friends, family, the usual thing. I’m interested in a lot of things in life and i like to get a lot done and pack as much in as humanly possible. So its extremely presumptious and judgemental of you to assume I’m obsessed with Brange, very far from it in fact, I have a lot more than that going on in my life. But this can be an entertaining diversion from all that other stuff sometimes, and as you said, you’ve written just as much as me so its rather like the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think?

    But at the end of the day I have no interest in influencing the thinking of anyone posting here or anywhere else on the net, its really for my own interest and entertainment that I come here as I like to know how the world works in many different capacities. I can’t vouch for the 100% veracity of everything Ian has said, but I’m more inclined to believe what I hear from sources within Brange’s staff and colleagues than I am the bullshit master narrative of America’s favourite rainbow family. And I do worry about those kids, cos I would never treat my children the way they treat them in a million years. Yes Brange do disgust me on many levels, so shoot me.

  29. Keane said on March 9th, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    And Hope sweetheart – “Trevor is their philanthropic advisor and that’s it”? Exactly what I was just saying about people believing the BS these people put out. People don’t have “philanthropic advisors” hon, that’s an entirely made up term for a job that does not exist. People have PRs, they have agents and lawyers and managers. They do not have “philanthropic advisors” – ha ha ha, I’m sorry that title gets me every time! But keep believing it if you want to believe it, Brange have you just where they want you like most of the rest of the world.

  30. Hope said on March 9th, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    People do have philanthropic adviser at least the rich people do since that’s his job with Gates, Clinton and Brangelina. I don’t get how they humilated Jen and rub her face in it? The marriage was over before Angelina and you know maybe if I was jen I would feel humilated but I will own that split, Jen had a chance too and she almost did until she decide to go through the victim route which in turn backfired on her. I really don’t get the elevated sainthood, they are ridiculed on all the tabloids. Where most celebs like Garner doesn’t get called out for having her daughter pics all over the place when they do it it’s Publicity whore. All the 3 people involved are guilty, having Jen be this standby and innocent in her marriage is ridiculous to me, so is blaming everything on Jolie while Brad just comes off smelling like rose and don’t get me started on some of Jen fans who swear up and down Brad was awful to Jen but still hope for a reconciliation. I don’t get why people think Angelina is better off with this relation or she reach sainthood status, she was respected more when she was raising Maddox by herself and doing her humanitarian work now everything is just chuck up to Publicity. MOst people even go as far as to say she just started humanitarian work to cover her homewrecking. I think my disdain is that they aren’t the first to do it why is this so personal for so many people?Julia Robert was awful in her behavior to her husband’s wife when she took up with him and don’t even get me started on Laura Dern who took up with Bbt while he was married to his 4th wife and later took up with Harper while his wife was pregnant and she gave birth to her son while he was still married, Toma hanks and Rita, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw and the ultimate example for happy married life Joanne and Paul Newman, they were together while he was married with 3 little kids and got married just a week after his divorce with the press in tow. I don’t get why Brangelina issued makes people insane, they are just rich people who think they can do anything, why do people make it personal?

  31. Kate said on March 9th, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Reading comprehension? Brokering a trilogy, not getting a part. Her little manager did not do that. Trevor discussed this publicly. We, this, we that, we did this, we are going to…he is part of JOLIE in every aspect, regardless of what you think…that is what I think of course. :)

  32. Hope said on March 9th, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Can you find the link for that please? I couldn’t find anything on teh web to supoort this.

  33. Keane said on March 10th, 2009 at 9:19 am

    Hope – how would you think this man is being paid if he is merely their “philanthropic adviser”? Do you think he gets a commission for every donation they make to charity or cause they support? If you believe that is really his job with these people please can you tell me what he is being paid for and how it works? Also, do you really believe people who are concerned with giving money to charity would be happy to sign away a bunch of that cash smply cos someone suggested where they might like to donate it, rather than giving it to the cause? Also what would qualify this man for the job of “philanthropic adviser” in your mind? Because if such a position did exist then I would imagine he would have spent his life working for charities and humanitarian causes which, correct me if I’m wrong, does not seem to be the case here? My assessment is that he is a PR wizard who uses philanthropy to disguise his actual role and advises celebs on how charitable work can be part of a great PR strategy. While it is possible that he assists them with setting up the foundations they want to create, unless he is taking a percentage of their donations, how is he making money off this? Explain it to me and maybe I will be convinced!

  34. Hope said on March 10th, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    I am not trying to convinced you of anything, I only go by fact that I can speak to that’s why I asked Kate to link the article where she read that Trevor broker SALT role.
    This is a recent write up on him and the celebs he works for and what he actually does,

  35. Keane said on March 10th, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    @ Hope – cool I read that, thanks for the link. The thing is is what people say is he doesn’t just do that, he is also a powerful PR wizard. All celebrities have PRs, even the most low level ones, they’re the point of contact for all press enquiries and they’re the person you call up if you want to book them for something. There’s no way all journos in the world would just have Brad and Angelina’s mobile number and ring them up whenever they wanted to verify a story or get an interview. So they have to have someone. And yet they say they don’t, which is part of their well-known “we’re so above this media game” schtick, but everyone knows that that’s utter baloney. So who does do their PR? Who orchestrates the pap shots and leaks stories to the press about them? My guess is it is this guy and that that is a major part of his work with people as well as the “philanthropy advising”, but that pretending its not helps to create the illusion that they are above all that. As the beginning of the article says, it seems slightly disingenuous to say that many of his clients are not famous at all when several of them are the most high profile people in the world. Is his role more than he claims it is? If not who does Brange’s PR? And also, how does advising someone on what charities to donate to make this guy a successful businessman? These are the questions I’m asking, and obivously you won’t be able to find the answers in any articles on the internet, cos they won’t exist!

  36. Guest said on March 10th, 2009 at 3:08 pm


    There it goes again. She’s being called his wife in that article. Ugh!

  37. Liz E. said on March 10th, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    “Keane said on March 10th, 2009 at 9:19 am
    Hope – how would you think this man is being paid if he is merely their “philanthropic adviser”? Do you think he gets a commission for every donation they make to charity or cause they support? If you believe that is really his job with these people please can you tell me what he is being paid for and how it works? Also, do you really believe people who are concerned with giving money to charity would be happy to sign away a bunch of that cash smply cos someone suggested where they might like to donate it, rather than giving it to the cause? Also what would qualify this man for the job of “philanthropic adviser” in your mind? Because if such a position did exist then I would imagine he would have spent his life working for charities and humanitarian causes which, correct me if I’m wrong, does not seem to be the case here? My assessment is that he is a PR wizard who uses philanthropy to disguise his actual role and advises celebs on how charitable work can be part of a great PR strategy. While it is possible that he assists them with setting up the foundations they want to create, unless he is taking a percentage of their donations, how is he making money off this? Explain it to me and maybe I will be convinced!”

    I have to chime in one this. This is pretty simple. Celebrities, wealthy individals and charitable foundations have been employing such advisers for some 20 – 25 years that I am personally aware of. They are usually consultants rather than employees. They are paid by the celebrity or individual or organization using their services. They normally get a yearly fee like a retainer but that is an individual matter. I have never heard of anyone getting a percentage of monies donated. This is hardly a secret. It’s actually a great gig. I worked in the international humanitarian field for many years starting – Yikes! – in the early 1980s. Since I have been working in Washington for a loooong time now – again Yikes! – I maintain my social and professional contacts from those days. Back then people like Warrren Buffet, Ted Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Brown and the like were all using such advisers. It seemed like an enviable job to me and fun as well. Man I would have loved some backstage Springsteen passes as a job perk. But the silent thanks of the worldwide masses were enough for me. LOL.

    These advisers work like any adviser does – they sit down with their clients and discuss what issues/problem areas they are interested in (the environment, world hunger, overpopulation, refugees, peace, health care), what resources they have available or can tap into, how to make the most effective use of those resources and what organizations can best make use of donations. They develop a plan like any organization would and obviously also get input from their financial people, lawyers, other experts and specialists in the targeted field. Making private contributions – especially crossing international borders – can be complicated, time consuming anad often times very frustrating. Just getting money to where it needs to go and in a timely manner can be a mine field. Many organizations take their own sweet time in setting up the necessary arrangements to even accept large sums of money. So having someone who can navigate these waters for you in a diplomatic but knowledgable manner helps to ensure that the money is properly used and your earmarked projects actually work.

    In any event, I didn’t mean to bend anyone’s ear with a boring treatise. Suffice it to say, Trevor Neilson is highly respected in the international community – by charitable donors, by recipients, by politicians and foreign entities – and has gained expertise in a number of fields – particularly the identifying and corralling of resources to tackle difficult issues and problems. Google his name and APCO, for instance. That will probably give you a summary of his past work. While I am not a big fan of APCO (their work on tobacco and the perchlorate problem in California especially pisses me off) a number of people I personally know and have great respect for also work for APCO.

    I personally think anyone who hires Neilson is smart. This is just how it’s done.

  38. Hope said on March 10th, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    I know Brad use to have PR up until 2007 and Angelina never had one, her manager Geyer sometimes acts as PR. I think Brangelina is at a level that they don’t need to leak paps shots they can just call up a magazine and under the guise of promoting a movie release pics they want released. I don’t know why anybody from their camp would leak all the crappy stories that press run about them, I know if its’ in People or on their site, they get it from their managers. Believe me when I say they have no PR except their managers even NYTIMES investigate that and how Jolie handles her own press. I honestly think we as consumers elevates and exaggerates the brand Brangelina, for some reason this couple turn the most intelligent people to rambling conspiracy idiot, I don’t get it. Post about them on blogs gets the most comments, I have even seen blogs say they mentioned their name because they know they will get hits and we continue to wonder why they are elevated to almost saint hood status. Nothing they did or are still doing is new, why do some people act like they affect their day to day life so much?

  39. Keane said on March 10th, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    @ Hope – yeah that’s what I mean hon, there has to be someone masterminding their public relations, so its likely that the person doing it is this Trevor chap. Whether most people realise it or not Brange have and always have had a deliberate PR strategy. They have definitely needed one as their relationship started with the very public trashing of the seemingly happy, solid marriage of a very popular HW couple. Brad and Ange could have seen their careers nosedive as a result (Brad’s fans are mainly women and nobody loves a cheater, Ange was painted as a homewrecker), but instead they have been elevated to America’s answer to the royal family. How did they achieve this? WIth a very clever and conniving PR campaign. The message has been sent out to the world that the reason Brad and Jen split was because she didn’t want children which is utter BS. Who started this rumour, how has it come this widespread? Things like that don’t happen unless there are people deliberately pulling the strings. And the heavy presence of Brange in the media is not journo-led, most of the pap shots we see of Brange are deliberately created and set up by the couple and their PR and they are obivously artificial (for example, there are never any shots with nannies in them even though they obviously have them, instead they pretend that they are single-handedly shuttiling 6 children around the world, and still looking immaculate into the bargain!). Plus there are plenty of stories about Brange in the press all the time (a recent one was saying Ange wanted to retire from acting and stay home with the kids while Brad made the movies, one today was about how Ange was furious with Jen for talking about Brad all the time in interviews and that it made her jealous). They are always described as coming from a “source”, and nine times out of ten that is that person’s PR. There is someone behind all this who masterminds it, Brange wouldn’t have the time and inclination to do it themselves. Its no big conspiracy theory, its just the way it works. All stars, hwoever famous, have to have a marketing strategy.

  40. Hope said on March 10th, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    I think people don’t give Brad enough credit when it comes to pr or press, he is the best out there. Why do you think they were able to sell the golden couple with him and Aniston and then voila they are over and Aniston’s press just fell apart. The rumor that Jen didn’t want a baby was out there before they even split and if you were a fan of them when married and read their interviews the red flags were all over there.. There’s always a story about them, people are way too invested in them, we are here discussing them everyday and there’s nothing new. All these leaks doesn’t make any of them look good just like when there are “source” who said Aniason is miserable and just pinning for Brad, these aren’t leaks from your press. You can tell Aniston leaks, it’s always she was out to dinner, she looked good, she was happy and Brangelina leaks are they are happy and only wants to stay home with their kids. It was so easy to buy the kids angle because that’s all Brad ever talked about and then Jen always quick to say they are ready and they will do it as soon as friends is over meanwhile nothing in their lifestyle reflects that.Do you remember when the news first broke about Brad and Jen’s split, Angelina was the homewrecker and all the news was about Jen was the one who wanted out and I remember Liz Smith saying MAMS was going to flop because Americans will punish them for break Jen’s heart then the movie did well and Jen changed tactics to she is the victim which backfired. All the 3 people involve are savvy and manipulative, one group is just more savvy than the other. Shit, I am way too invested in their life as it is, they aren’t the only fishes in the ocean.

  41. p said on March 10th, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    I don’t see JA ever played “victim” — I always thought that was a girly-girl-hysteria response. buzz word people. and they know the word victim. I think her hand was forced by the “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” showy behavior of her ex after the split, and questions wouldn’t go away, but mostly she was silent. Then again I never read the tabs.

    I do agree however, none of the three EVER demonstrated much of an interest in a lifestyle that would work for kids. Too much attendance in “places to be seen.” And at least one of them would never have gotten a kid, if a legit adoption agency had done even a cursory background check.


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