We have noticed the tremendous participation of the IUC audience in wanting to discuss the topics covered here on IanUnderCover. Till now, the only way to do that was through the comment field on the posts.
But now, due to popular demand we have launched the IUC Discussion Forum. Use the comment field when you want [...]

This site isn’t called Ian Undercover for nothing. To research my forthcoming Michael Jackson bio, Unmasked, I spent considerable time undercover posing as a paparazzo and a hairdresser, among other things. During my years-long investigation, one of my most sought after targets for an interview was a woman who knows Michael better than almost anybody, [...]

The floor is yours…I’m traveling today.  It’s your turn to uncover the news.  We welcome your posts in the comments section here about any items you might have.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

Somehow, Brad Pitt became increasingly scornful of the way Angelina Jolie was handling their household – this according to a source close to camp Brangie.  “He never really acclimatized himself to Angie’s lifestyle,” the source said.  “Last month he completely lost it and broke down.  I really think it’s time for him to get out before he [...]

- A source close to Brangie told IUC today that one of the couple has decided to “rail against God”.  Wonder if the decision was arbitrary.
- An ex lover of Lindsay Lohan told IUC that Sam Ronson was Lohan’s first true love. “Lilo likes men when she feels the urge to get roughed up,” her [...]

Byproduct of a 15k boobie job…this time they were completely lifted….like Pam A., like Drew B…says she bumped into Brad…kind of scary…distinctly unglamorous…svelte stricken…like a BBT bearhug…before the black eye…had BP seeing stars…flown off the stairs…taken a good look at reality…white canvas furniture…Burberry raincoat…tan sweater…limo that was ordered never showed…finally secured a gypsy taxi…no more [...]

This just in from my primary source in Camp Brangie.  Brad Pitt’s parents had a heart to heart with him the other day, telling him they support whatever he chooses to do as far as Angelina Jolie is concerned. But they voiced a lot of apprehension.  His mother Jane reminded him how sweet life used to be when [...]


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