This is the second outing in our current “Out of Hollywood Closet”quiz series. 

You can watch a recording of Tonights Show Right here
Tonight’s Special Guest – Dawn Olsen
Watch it Right Here!

Perez might think he’s the Queen of celebrity gossip.  But my choice is Glosslip’s Dawn Olsen, who will be the special guest tonight at 8pm est at We’ll discuss Brangelina, Michael Jackson, Toothy Tile, John Wayne etc… and take questions from the chatroom.  Be there, we might get blown up!

Two more pics were outed from the post below.
Since I already outed a Duke, I may as well let all the royal secrets out of the closet and out a Prince as well. And no it’s not the Artist Formerly Known As, though I’ve heard whispers about him for years.
This one’s a genuine Prince, aka [...]

After last weekend’s vicious argument (Read This) with on/off Samantha Ronson, rumors are floating around that Lindsay Lohan might be checking back into rehab soon.  A close friend of the actress told IUC this morning, “she has severe emotional and psychological problems.  Lindsay is smoking, drinking and doing drugs again.  I hope she reaches out for [...]

Seems like IUC touched a redneck nerve when we outed John Wayne last
week, quoting an employee of the Valley’s Sportsmen’s Lodge revealing
that Wayne used to bring men there for fishing and sex. He also said
a chambermaid from the Lodge once caught the Duke getting serviced by
a guy in the middle of the afternoon.
Within minutes of [...]


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