This is the second outing in our current “Out of Hollywood Closet”quiz series. 

My readers may remember that IUC reported months ago that Michael Jackson is suffering from a potentially fatal genetic condition known as alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency.
British newspapers are reporting today that Michael Jackson may also have a flesh-eating MRSA superbug contracted during a nosejob. The speculation is that this is why Jackson has been photographed [...]

Got a call early this morning from a guy named Sal Green.  He claimed he saw Joe Biden making out with a black man at a D.C. gay bar the other night.  He said Biden and the mysterious man left together and got into the same car.  He wanted 10k wired to him immediately for [...]

A close relative of Toothy Tile spoke to IUC today.  She said she figured out who Toothy Tile was after Ted Casablanca ran his first blind item about him some four years ago.  “It was so easy to figure out who it was,” she said.  “From the first clue I knew right away my new name would [...]

An ex lover of gold-digger Rizia Moreira told IUC today “when I found out what she was really about I ran for my life.”  He says Moreira was solely interested in money and her obsession with Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte.  “She was obsessed with getting back at Guy and getting all his money.  [...]

With all the focus on Chris Brown and Rihanna this week one superstar is breathing a sigh of relief – Madonna.  A source close to Madge told IUC yesterday that the Material Girl and her former juiced up, toy boy A-Rod got into a shouting match a couple of weeks ago that ended in fistacuffs.  [...]


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