IUC Exclusive: Court Observers Predict Cirque du Soleil Billionaire Will Win Big Court Case Against Him

Posted on February 4th, 2009 by HisHighness in IUC:Entertainment, IUC:Exclusive, IUC:YouTube

Several court observers who have been following the case of gold-digger Rizia Moreira vs. Guy Laliberte told IUC today that they expect a ruling by the judge very soon, overwhelmingly in favor of Laliberte.  “The judge does not seem impressed at all by Moreira’s case,” one observer said.  “In fact, the judge seemed disgusted at times by how weak Moreira’s lawyers presented.  There’s no way Laliberte loses here.  The judge will not overturn the laws of Quebec for some Brazilian woman with a get rich quick scam, which is exactly what Moreira is trying to do.”

Meanwhile, a close friend of Moreira’s revealed to IUC what Moreira plans to do first if she somehow wins.  “She’s promised to throw all her friends a wild party with all the trimmings,” the friend said.  “Rizia loves to spend big.  Believe me, if she gets 50 million she will plough through it faster than anyone in history.  And then, she’ll make a motion to the judge crying poverty and ask for more cash.  I love her, but I have to be honest here.  She’s a smooth operator and will do anything to destroy Guy and the empire he’s worked so hard to build up over the years.  I think she lost control of her self and her mind in this case.”

  1. Arielle said on February 4th, 2009 at 4:24 pm

    How can you love a women who act in such a childish way…. this person is a shame for women…


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