IUC Exclusive: Cirque du Soleil Head Honcho up to his eyeballs in Litigation with Brazilian Ex lover; Allegations of drugs, orgies and infidelity…

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IUC has learned that the Guy Laliberte dispute with his ex-lover  has been going on since the day they split back in 2001, when Laliberte’s initial settlement offer of 2 million dollars was immediately refused by the former Brazilian model, with whom he has three children.  The ex lover, 15 years Guy’s junior, told me years ago that Laliberte was almost bankrupt when they hooked up back in the early nineties.  A friend of the couple concurred. “She was by his side when he was almost broke,” the friend told IUC.  “She argues that without her, a tall, beautiful, model type, by his side that the Cirque du Soleil would have probably gone bankrupt.  That’s why she’s after his cash.  Initially she wanted half,  but now she’s only asking for 50 million.  Still, Guy is just abiding by the law.  Wouldn’t you do the same if you were in his position?”
Guy partying with Quincy Jones

Guy partying with Quincy Jones

The friend went on to outline the couple’s erratic history of alleged drug use, orgies featuring a bowl full of viagra in the middle of the room, and jet set life.  He said one morning the Brazilian woman walked into Guy’s mansion in St-Bruno (a town just outside Montreal) with a portable Sony video camera and started shooting Guy in bed with two young women.  Alcohol bottles and drugs were strewn all over the mansion.  The three kids were in other bedrooms, not far from the bizarre scene.  The Brazilian recorded it all on camera but so far it has not been admissable in court.  
Laliberte, a self-made man who went from a street busker to a billionaire, is also known for his philanthropic efforts, especially his pledge to eliminate poverty by giving everybody access to water. Personally, I’d rather see $100 million (the amount he committed to his ONE DROP foundation) go to help people who really need it in the Third World than to a gold-digger who I have known for years and am skeptical about whether she deserves more than he is offering. From my dealings with him, Guy is a stand up guy who will always make sure his children are taken well care of. 

Meanwhile, both myself and Perez Hilton remain the only two journalists to reveal the hard core details about the case.  There is a publicity ban in Quebec but our blogs are in fact written out of the United States, not Quebec. 
Hopefully, we are not in violation of the publication ban and I personally feel that, in this case, the public interest (the plaintiff herself says she believes the case will set an important landmark for the rights of women and common-law spouses) outweighs any legal risk.
But if you don’t hear from me for awhile, it probably means I am rotting in a Quebec dungeon. At least Perez will be there to keep me company and we can while away our sentences trading celebrity gossip.

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