IUC Lifestyle: Mayer struts his stuff over holidays…

Posted on January 15th, 2009 by HisHighness in IUC:Bits, IUC:Entertainment
John Mayer likes to strut his stuff

Mayer likes to strutt his stuff

What oh what did the stars get up to over the holidays? Well, thankfully, to
the delight of John Mayer fans everywhere, big Johnny took time out of his busy strumming schedule to hold a gleeful interfaith cake baking competition on his blog. The grand prize: two JM Stratocasters. You see, while some may think of John Mayer as just that flouffy haired mainstream musician dangling Jen¹s dreams from a window like Jacko flagging a baby to the salivating crowd, John used his penchant for baking to set the record straight and show the world who he really is: a philanthropic Pillsbury softy at heart. After all, who doesn¹t love photos of grinning tots boasting frosted treats? Our deep thoughts doughboy even thanked his contestants by saying, ‘because of you, I had the best holiday since I was a little boy.’ Sigh. Just a few things to consider: Is John more marriage material than we give him credit for? Is John extremely bored? Will John one day build his own magical wonderland for little boys? I¹m sorry, John, it was really super sweet of you to give away those two guitars, I shouldn¹t poke fun. I know how you hate that type of snarky blog talk and prefer a charitable bake-athon for amateur cake makers. My kind is to Don Rickles as yours is to Martha Stewart. Point taken. In fact, I’m right now rehearsing a good-natured wink to the point of cross-eyed and flogging myself as I write. The world needs
less of this gunk and more uber earnest musician/baker/bloggers like you.

(by IUC Lifestyle Editor Emily Southwood)

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