IUC Exclusive: Michael Jackson fights for life – Pick Up This Week’s In Touch for More Info

Posted on December 12th, 2008 by HisHighness in IUC:Entertainment, IUC:Exclusive, IUC:Music
Michael very Ill
Michael very Ill

As previously reported The King of Pop Michael Jackson is gravely ill.  IUC has learned he’s fighting a life threatening lung disease called Antitrypsin Deficiency,  more commonly known as Alpha-1.  The disease originates in the liver and often leads to lung destruction.  A close friend of Jackson told IUC the singer is scared he won’t live longer than six months. 

“Michael wants to have the lung transplant but because of other illnesses he’s fighting he’s too weak to undergo such a major procedure,” the friend said.  “He’s taking one painkiller after another.  I’ve known him over 20 years and have never seen him in such a frail state.  It’s very sad.”  For more, please pick up the current issue of In Touch   DEVELOPING…Michael has had lung problems since he was a kid

  1. AHToHuO said on December 18th, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Да надо бы над этим задуматься, я этому не уделяю особого внимания, нужно будет пересмотреть действия и предпринять там что бы мой блог ожил, а то только тоны гавнокоментов (спама) действительно хороший пост, респект автору.

  2. JOs said on December 25th, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    Sad to hear… I’m a fan of the Jackson 5 (I’m Going Back To Indiana )..I visited the reallly good concert of Jackson in the Kuip (Netherlands, 1992)

  3. Britta Krüger said on December 16th, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Hello lan,

    I’m sorry for my bad. English, I’m German and I can only translate it via Google.

    I have read almost all books by Michael Jackson that were first published in German. Hats off, your book “UNMASKED” was the best. I have read this book with great interest. I had sometimes doubted his innocence. But these doubts have you taken from me with this publication. Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5 were not so famous in Germany like in the USA. I still remember I was 22 years old and I have seen on television with a fascination for the first time, the Thriller video. From that day on, his music has accompanied me ever. My interest the person of Michael Jackson, However came only after his death. I very much regret that I didn’t know him as a man. There were some paralleis in my humble circumstances in my life that were similar to him. But winning the lottery in my case would probably have been greater than it ever to become acquainted with him. Well, now I have still it’s wonderful video clips. This love for a personality like this, there has been for me and they never even started until after his death. This personality radiated pure eroticism and for me he had just even the most beautiful smile in the world.

    I live in the fair city of Hanover, we have lost on Tuesday the November, 10th 2009 one of the greatest goalies in our football history by committing suicide. I wonder what we have for a society and the world, which strives only for power, fame and money. The interpersonal relationships are reduced to a minimum and we have to work like a Swiss watch, otherwise you will be ostracized.

    Thank you for your comprehensive book about Michael Jackson, it was very enlightening, exciting and very haunting.



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