It’s possible that I may discover a better one in the next 12 hours
but as of now, my favorite eatery of 2008 is definitely Sweetiepie,
the eclectic little Greenwich Village restaurant where I took my
daughter recently. It’s only been open a couple of months, and the
New York restaurant scene is littered with the ashes of ambitious
ventures [...]

Hands down, Lilo Lohan!!!  I talked to at least three people who have been kissed (two women, one man) by this Hollywood anarchist – and they all said they’ve never been kissed like that before.  Congrats Lilo, here’s to tons more kisses for ya in ‘09.

The dawn of 2009 is fast approaching; John Doe books a motel for him and his lover one last time, Jane Smith buys her final assortment of Krispy Kremes and guilty citizens scurry to Staples to buy the store out of indelible ink.  Currently, resolutions are among us – ‘I won’ts’ and ‘I promises’ and [...]

Is it curtains for J-Lo and Marc?

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The world is buzzing today about a potential Valentine’s breakup for this famous couple.  IUC is reserving judgement.  A hollywood insider told us the couple are desperately trying to work it out.  “The problem with them is that they’re both so stubborn,” one insider told IUC.  “They’re a modern day version of Liz Taylor and [...]

IUC has learned Sherwood Schwartz, legendary creator of the Brady Bunch, and his son Lloyd are getting all their ducks in place to bring Gilligan and his fellow castaways to the big screen in ‘09.  This is not the first time a film has been made about the eccentric old day version of Survivor.  Three [...]

Now that the grotesque season of giving has ended and individuals are let loose from their familial fetters, the
retail world – with its annual Boxing Day Sale — exposes these munificent masses for who they truly are — selfish nabbers and bald-faced swindlers looking for deals.
This year, the Hollywood elite will not be exempt from [...]

RIP Eartha Kitt (1927-2008)

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Noone in showbiz had the edge Eartha Kitt did.  She refused to be in anyone`s shadow and was as cutting edge as they come.  And much underappreciated!  Eartha, you`ll be jamming tonight with Jimi, Kurt, Louis and Nina.  btw, if you bump into Sinatra tell him to call me.    (Washington Post)
Please check out this video [...]


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