Zac is Gay?

- There is something analogous in Zac Efron’s voice which points to his true personality (HollywoodGossip)
- One of the big revelations in my upcoming book about Britney Spears is that she’s bi.  Last night, as part of her comeback, she performed at a club called GAY in the U.K.  Brit has definitely had same [...]

Steve McQueen was a homo, 60s teenage actor says

On a film set, an actor must produce quick results – it is too expensive if he doesn’t.  Certainly, young actors, at the puppet’s end of a production string, have to be able to twitch on order – exactly what one aspiring teen actor did back in [...]

Carmen loves to take it off for Playboy

Carmen Electra proved again how promising she is in that unpromising job – playboy model.  A Playboy insider told IUC that the editors at the magazine are most pleased with Electra’s results and that in gratitude intend to have her pose again soon.  The issue hits the stands December [...]

Jay-Z warns wife Beyonce to shape up

An employee of the couple has revealed to IUC the pair have been engaging in massive yelling matches recently.  Apparently, there’s been pushing and shoving and threats of a breakup.  The reason – since her knew album came out “I Am…Sasha Fierce” the ex Destiny singer’s personality changes like [...]

Usually, he’s a pickup artist behind wifey Posh’s back.  Last night he picked up a fan who fell to the ground while photographing him. 

Beckham picks up woman in NYC last night

Witnessing (along with most of North America) Kim Cattral lay sushi on her body in an effort to rile up her boyfriend by commingling raw nudity with raw food was less than a turn-on to say the least. In fact, as sexy as Kim Cattral may be all she did was conjure up images [...]

Steve Guttenberg is back with a vengeance! The famously, immersive funny actor likes to moon ya when he gets in shape. This just in from talented NYC actor Corey Corey.


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