One of the most memorable things Britney told me when I followed her around posing as an undercover paparazzo was how she wanted to settle down with a Jew. “I love Jewish people,” she said. “Their history is so rich. And I find Jewish men to be so sexy.” Guess I’ll [...]

Yoga poses were invented thousands of years ago. Mr. Bikram Choudhury, who loves Rolex watches, Gucci, bored white housewives, fancy cars and chowing down at MacDonalds, takes credit for inventing his 26 postures. Many say it ain’t so and he’s been accused by his students and media of being a scam. READ [...]

Social networking is the ubiquitous feature of online life. The big question is how to turn it into dough. Get ready for a blockbuster book release by the host of Hollywood Now, Juliette Powell, that

Elle says they’re just good friends but IUC’s spies tell us they’ve been spotted partying, making out and dirty dancing in London’s Soho district. READ MORE

Newspapers are horse buggy type operations. It’s all over – and they only have their greedy selves to blame. The Christian Science Monitor, a decent paper considering the type of weird folks its Church attracts, has decided to publish only online. Many more papers will follow. NYTIMES

The last time I saw Carla Bruni was at a lavish fashion party in France several years ago. She was in full party mood, downing shot after shot of tequila and snorting lines of white powder that were passed around like candy. When I

She may have been passed over by McCain cause she wouldn’t kiss him, but those gay loving life NFL execs have stepped in and decided to lure Condi. READ MORE


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