A top NYC model has revealed to IUC how big a player A-Rod actually is. “I know him very well and let me tell you he’s the most well hung man I’ve ever been with,” she said. “If Madonna thinks she has exclusive rights to him she’s out to lunch. He cheats [...]

Wow, this is too cool. One of the most respected sites in NYC, Jossip.com, wrote an article today about my new film His Highness Hollywood. CHECK IT OUT
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Rough economic times are impacting everyone in the retail world, including those uber pretentious undie/bra execs at Victorias Secret. Perhaps the only person who can save the egocentric VS owner Leslie Wexner from going bust is

A senior RNC member revealed to IUC today that John McCain has privately admitted that he made a grave error choosing Sarah Palin as his runningmate. The RNC member told IUC McCain started having second thoughts the day after choosing her. “He said to a few close friends he might have made

When I first met Anna Nicole Smith a few years ago in L.A. it was almost like I had arrived on a white stallion, riding across the hem of the horizon as the sun sank low in Beverly Hills. Anna was completely distraught, depressed

This unique concept spins off ideas rich in profusion. It promises to be the first gay themed film complex in the world, according to the rich NYC real estate mogul behind it. “There’s going to be 9 theaters in a massive building on 8th Avenue all showing gay themed films,” the mogul revealed [...]

Billy Bob has always been a master at telling a deceptively simple story. Do you buy this one? He says he hates the biz but still seems to enjoy making tons of dough off it. let us know your thoughts. READ THIS


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