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Posted on September 26th, 2008 by HisHighness in IUC:Bits

Film of The Week: Spike Lee’s war epic Miracle at St. Anna should do well at the box office.
Book of The Week: Since we’re on the war theme, check out best selling author Max Wallace’s The American Axis which is about how major U.S. corporations and political figures supported Nazi Germany. This [...]

A top NYC Madame has revealed to IUC that Eliot Spitzer recently became a client of a top NYC escort agency and has been frequenting a top Midtown hotel with women young enough to be his daughter.
“He’s been dropping money on hookers

I travelled to Bulgaria a couple of years ago and loved the people and fresh produce (no pesticides cause they can’t afford any). Only bad experience I had was going to a nightclub and being asked for a $1500.00 U.S. admission charge for me and my four friends. When I refused to pay [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his effervescent wife, Beth have been sparring more than ever, according to a close friend of the couple. “It’s gotten to the point where Beth chains up Duane at night

Those nasty, cancer promoting tobacco giants. Remember all those old films you saw in which people like Clarke Gable and Joan Crawford lit up in a hazy room of cigarette smoke. It was all because they were paid big bucks by large tobacco companies.
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This Dame recently opened up to GQ about doing coke, shoplifting and having lots of dalliances. Now, she talks about Mike Tyson being innocent of rape and how women in general should beware of date rape. As if this delirious actress was really friends with Iron Mike.


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