IUC YouTube: Mavericks Star Josh Howard disrespect U.S. Anthem – Watch for him to be traded to Kazakhstan

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  1. curtis leon' drafton said on September 18th, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    The fact that Josh Howard as a person spoke his mind at a high school game means nothing to anyone. The fact that multi-millionaire, starting star forward for the Dallas Mavericks and Team USA medalist Josh Howard spoke his mind on what he was probably hoping would’t appear on the hottest internet site for candid momnets does bother us.

    We live in a free conscience society that deems every man capable of living as his soul deems fit. WITHIN the parameters of respect for the foundation of what this country stands for and the respect of it’s flag, citizens and forefathers contributions.

    How dare any of us speak publicly against what this country believes and still count on being able to collect monetarily and live the good life to it’s fullest. This is a man that gives grace to God for bringing him from the darkest of upbringings to his elite ability of being called “succesful”.

    On a softer side of this necessary tongue lashing: what nurtured him to think this way? Was he subject to the atrocities of his neighborhood known as the “40 acres and a mule” gang? The old men who stand outside and preach of dreams of reparatoins owed from a fictional fund created to mend the wounds of former slaves of yester-year?

    A lot could go into the coming of this new side of this young man. And at a later date we’ll find out the now prevelant question.

    Team USA?…
    …or Team Kazakhstan?

    …to be continued

  2. Mike said on September 19th, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Well, a free country has to acount for the possibility of someone taking a pop at their national anthem.

    I say this coming from the UK, where we get to mock ‘God Save The Queen’ and where, indeed, the Sex Pistols did just that with their song of the same name – which was a hugely popular single at the time of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, 1977. ‘God Save the Queen, Fascist Regime’ !

    Those were good days, when the world looked to the UK as a Beacon of Freedom, mostly on account of the fact that we had our freedoms so far intact as to make mockery of the establishment a favourite past-time.

    In a democracy people should be lauded for crticising their nation, and all the pompous attributes that go hand in hand with nation states. Democratic states, at the same time, should be applauded for showing tolerance towards their critics.

  3. Devon Jackson said on September 19th, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Apart from Howard’s dissing of the national anthem being incredibly garbled (that’s garbled linguistically–to say nothing of him being mentally garbled), this little moment reminds me of the brouhaha back in 1996 when Denver Nuggets guard Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (ne Chris Jackson), the new Muslim on the NBA block, refused to stand for the singing of the national anthem. At NBA games, no less! Think of how differently these two have expressed themselves–and how differently people have reacted: Jackson made a conscious religiously, politically and socially motivated decision not to stand for the anthem and caught all kinda hell for it; Howard does this joshingly, stupidly, and off-the-cuff, or so it seems, at an Allen Iverson celebrity football game in July (way out of basketball season). That’s an at ALLEN IVERSON-sponsored event, people. Abdul-Rauf stood his ground in the midst of the NBA season, fully conscious of the media and all the possible repercussions, yet still chose to take a stand. Howard, blessed with all that athletic talent and a huge contract (and the attendant enlargening of ego that goes with it), gets caught goofing Terrell Owens-style (and you can bet Howard, being a Dallas pro athlete, hasn’t been busy rubbing elbows with fellow Dallas superstar T.O.–and trying to figure out how to gain as much notoriety as T.O. does with equally stupid stunts). And people freak. Really, though, it ain’t no thang. It sure ain’t as meaningful and to be learned from as when ol’ Mahmoud did it. Meaning, him taking a stand as a Muslim incited the same sort of jingoism among numerous boneheads, to be sure, but it also caused just as many folks to question the amount of respect Americans should show for such rituals. Howard’s idiotic dis only shows him to be, as Malkovich’s character in Burn After Reading says (of what could be taken as the Coen Brothers’ take on virtually ALL Americans): one more moron from the League of Morons.

  4. Brady Sullivan said on September 20th, 2008 at 4:02 am

    Do you know how many times athletes have to sit through the National Anthem in their lifetime? I don’t think his outrage has anything to do with America or being black or any of that. He just thinks it’s overplayed.

  5. Michael O said on September 20th, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Clearly, Josh Howard hates America and everything it stands for. Josh Howard hates you, your family, Uncle Sam, all presidents (past and future), apple pie, the flag, sitcoms and cars. Though I’ve never watched a football game, I think I may start so I can cheer on Josh Howard, my new favorite athlete.

  6. Jeff Olive said on July 28th, 2011 at 10:07 am

    I was just having a conversation over this I am glad I came across this it cleared some of the questions I had.


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