Paula Abdul told staffers at American Idol she’s happy Kara DioGuardi has become the show’s fourth judge. She told reporters “we’re like sisters”. Off camera she went further, overheard telling a friend at dinner “I was never really worried. It’s a good thing. And besides, the show could never [...]

IUCs roving street reporter “Joe Go” stopped more than two hundred people in Times Square today. Noone knew there was an upcoming Canadian election. Furthermore, noone knew who the Prime Minister of Canada is. “I think it’s that guy Trudeau (Pierre, who died in 2000), is he still around?” said Danny Thacker, [...]

A close associate of hot yoga guru Bikram Choudhury has revealed to IUC that the multi millionaire yogi’s favorite place to eat is McDonalds. “He loves burgers and fries,” the associate said. “And he feels no remorse. Its his way of letting himself go.” Bikram made his fortune by opening thousands [...]

A truckload of Toronto’s hottest strippers, escorts and finest pharmaceuticals were dropped off Monday night at Toronto’s downtown Hyatt Hotel to entertain several A-List stars attending the Toronto International Film Festival. Organized by a local music promoter, forty five guests dropped down 10k each to drink the finest Krug and chowdown on lobster and [...]

IUC has learned Senator Barack Obama stole parts of Vice President Dick Cheney’s reelection campaign speech in 2004, which occurred in of all places on Obama’s home turf in Honolulu. Cheney, berating John Kerry’s approach on national security, said “He’s trying every which way to cover up his record of weakness on national defense. [...]

IUC Exclusive: Battle of Souls in NYC

Posted on September 11th, 2008 by HisHighness in IUC:Arts

Chloe Bellande’s dramatic suspense thriller recently won top prize at L.A.’s version of the NY International Independent Film Festival. Now, the talented Toronto director is ready to take the east coast by storm, screening September 19 at City Cinema in NYC’s East Village. It’s all part of the NY International Independent Film Festival.
check [...]


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