A disgruntled inmate at the Florida prison where fraudster Conrad Black is spending the next 6 plus years accused the disgraced media baron of having an ego “bigger than Hurricane Gustav”. And he told IUC if Black does not tone it down he could get his “adorable booty” kicked.
“He pretends to listen to everyone [...]

Don’t feel too bad for Pats QB Tom Brady, whose season lasted less than a quarter after he tore the ACL and MCL in his left knee . Right now, he’s probably popping champagne. He’s guaranteed his $10 million plus contract, just for playing all of 10 minutes. And his supermodel girlfriend [...]

IUC has learned that the editorial team at Playboy has been huddling this past week, putting together an offer for Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin just in case she gets creamed by Obama/Biden. Playboy will make Palin the highest paid covergirl ever, doling out $15 million, banking she will outsell their bestselling issue of [...]

For real – pathetic fallen pop icon Michael Jackson is dating fellow plastic surgery disaster Pam Anderson. The two sinewy, disfigured stars have been wining and dining at some of the top spots in Beverly Hills. Wonder if Pam will let Jacko babysit her boys?
- Seems Heather Mills did not teach Paul McCartney [...]

IUC has learned that the erratic NY Yankees ownership, now headed by George Steinbrenner’s clueless son Hank, have decided not to renew the contracts of slugger Jason “Steroids Been Very, Very Good to Me” Giambi, washed up catcher Pudge Rodriguez and HGH Clemens traitor Andy Pettitte (bravo Andy!!!). This will free up enough dough [...]

That washed up 70s heartthrob David Cassidy seen here stoned out of his mind imitating Barry Manilow meets John Travolta.


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