IUC Exclusive: Larry King Only wants a Jew to Replace Him; Meet Gerry Rivers

Posted on September 3rd, 2008 by HisHighness in IUC:Entertainment, IUC:Exclusive

IUC has learned that 74-year-old CNN icon Larry King prefers a Jew to take over his show if anything happens to him (that’s the only way this geezer will go. He’ll probably die in his chair one night, most likely of another heart attack while interviewing one of his regular bombshell guests like Pam Anderson). Btw, King has a history of heart disease in his family. A massive heart attack in 1987 almost killed him. His father Edward died at age 44 of a heart attack.
An insider tells IUC that although King’s regular guest hosts include Anderson Cooper, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart the person who will succeed King is none other than the most famous Puerto Rican Jew on the planet – Geraldo Rivera. And the two share a lot more in common than just being tv hosts. They’re both Brooklyn Jews, King born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger; Geraldo’s mother maiden name was Friedman. At one point Geraldo changed his name to Gerry Rivers to try to avoid the bastion of anti semitism sentiment that was prevalent at the school he attended. Both had Bar Mitzvahs, both love divorce lawyers – Geraldo married five times, King seven. And they’re both famous for heart attacks; King for having them and Rivera for debunking the media’s claim that Elvis died in 1977 from a heart attack. Rivera got access to Presley’s prescription drug records and concluded that he had died from multiple drug intake. His investigation caused Tennessee medical authorities to later revoke the medical license of Dr. George C. Nichopoulos, for overprescribing.
I would love to see Dr. Charles Small of Yale www.yale.edu/yiisa/ bring in Rivera and King as guest speakers to talk about their experiences as Jews. It would be interesting to find out why both of these not so attractive, quirky characters get to be tv stars for so long and shag some of the hottest women whose only notion of where the holy land is Barney’s and Saks.
My source tells me King and his staff are keeping a very close eye on Geraldo’s Sunday night slot on Fox TV, Geraldo At Large. And in case anything happens to King, Geraldo gets the call. Here’s a pic of me guesting on Geraldo’s show a couple months back. I’ve never seen anyone swear and scream as much as Geraldo did during commercial breaks. The man is passionate. Ian and Geraldo

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