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IUC Restaurant Of The Month: NYC’s Mozzarella E Vino is packed with treasures – reliable, tasty treasures! For an authentic taste of Italy, this fine eatery is a must. Highly acclaimed Park Avenue publicist Norah Lawlor has a flair for finding the best eateries in NYC. Once again, she went above expectations in recommending this dining jewel.
Mozzarella E Vino’s stunning ambiance, generous portions and rich Italian flavors will make you feel as if you’re dining int he heart of the Tuscany. For starters, make sure you order the Prosciutto and Mozzarella Cheese appetizer. The BEST Mozzarella cheeses in NYC by far! The braised lamb entree will melt in your mouth. The star is friendly, the place is hopping and the wine list is top grade. A true fine dining experience in the heart of midtown.
Mozzarella & Vino (Courtesy Jim Taylor)

And the best news is that your fine dining experience can continue another night at its spectacular sister restaurant The Leopard at Des Artistes The menu at The Leopard is similar but accentuates more on fine fish, tasty salads with an Italian twist. They offer a wine pairing that is a must – it’s one of the best I’ve experienced. If I had my choice of any meal in Manhattan I think it would be at The Leopard.

- IUC NEWS Exclusive – finally a documentary I’ve been working on for quite a while will be released in early 2017. You will love this topic!!!

- 2016 was a tragic year. Too many great artists left us. So sorry about the latest stars to die – Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael. I was quoted in this story about Geroge – CNN

IUC Restaurant of 2016 – Slam dunk – my main man Fred has helped make Quality Meats in South Beach the place to dine at. You cannot get a better steak, fish or dining experience better than Quality Meats anywhere. The air at Quality Meats is laced with the intoxicating aroma of mouth watering food. Everything on the menu is sizzling and succulent. Amazing ambiance, incredible service mixed with a wine list that is next to none. Deserts are out of this world! For star gazers, on any given night you will find some top Hollywood actors, musicians and media personalities dining there.

Fred (middle) runs the best steakhouse South Florida has seen in years

Fred (middle) runs the best steakhouse South Florida has seen in years

IUC Blind Item of 2016: What Hollywood actress is now dating a former NFL star who ended up broke several years ago and is now working on charitable causes in Africa?

- Kurdish Angelina Jolie dies while fighting ISIS – Mirror UKKurdish-Angelina-Jolie-Angelina-Jolie-733x490

- Amanda Bynes calls John Travolta “”pervert” – Hol – Hollywood Life

- Gaga and Bradley Cooper – US Weekly

City of The Month: I never thought I would say this – the new epicenter of multi culture and Blue Jays, Toronto! By far Canada’s most bustling city, Toronto is rich in food, culture and sport. It’s new, refound vibrant energy left me scratching my head after being there only a few days. Lets face it – Toronto used to be a boring city with a terrible reputation for restaurants. Today, it is the hub business center in Canada, a thriving tourist destination and restaurants that rival world class cities like New York, Paris and Tokyo.
Where to stay: I decided to mix it up, first staying at the five star Shangri-La and then moving to the modern, high rise setting Trinity Suites offered. Both were most enjoyable. Shangri-La Hotel offers world class accommodations mixed with high end cuisine and perhaps the best ambiance in a lobby I have seen since staying at the Kempinski Hotel in Vienna. There’s groovy live music, great cocktails and lots of eye catching people ensconced in conversation and laughter. The staff is next to none, extremely polite and helpful. I could not imagine any Toronto hotel being more fun, elegant and better location than Shangri-La.
When I stayed at Trinity Suites I was impressed by how modern and accessible the apartment was. It was a stone throws from where the Blue Jays play, The Rogers Center, and was near all the hip, fun bars and restaurants on Front and King, two of the busiest streets in the city. Most of all you get bang for buck – it was under 200 dollars cdn, making it one of the best deals I have seen during my extensive world travels.

Rumor of the week: A top Hollywood actress is about to get engaged to an NBA star who was once involved with a female r&b singer? Can you guess who?

IUC Blind: Here’s a doozy – Which Hollywood A-lister struck a deal, an out of court settlement with a top exec producer to withhold information about their two children they had together while both of them were married to other people in exchange for 9.5 million dollars?

IUC Restaurant Of The Month: The top power brokers in the world dine at Bobby Van’s location on Park Avenue. In fact, at least two Presidents have chowed down there, many NBA and MLB stars and a Hollywood crowd ranging from Leo to Dustin to Uma. Simply put, the steak, whether porterhouse or filet or ribeye, is primo – next to none. And the rest of the menu is equally satisfying. Bobby Van’s is an institution that has served up the best steaks for many generations. A must dining experience for beef lovers! Service at the location is the best I’ve ever had, making it the quintessential NYC steak restaurant.Unknown-1

Hotel of The Month: For years, I’ve stayed at Park Central Hotel when I visit the Big Apple. It keeps getting better and better. Just a two minute walk to Central Park, Park Central combines opulence with comfort and very friendly staff (my main man Tony is the best in the biz) at the best rates NYC hotels have to offer. The next time you visit NYC, this is the place to stay at. Best location, best way to feel comfortable in the big city.Unknown-1

Aloha poke…sitting wall…summer in a jar…yield after cooking bone removed…hope diamond…mercy overwatch…vine on the waterfront…deal or no deal…too many zoos…crustless quiche…little Jack Horner…the cook and the cork…yesterday is dead and gone!!!!

IUC Travel – Hotel of The Month: Cartagena in Colombia Caribbean coast was ranked recently by Conde Nast as the best place to visit in 2016. The walled city is a historical gem, mixed with romanticism, culture and fine cuisine. The Hilton in Cartagena is one of the best Hiltons I have ever stayed at. It’s mixed with elegance and comfort. From the time you arrive on site, Hilton Cartagena is first class all the way, featuring a staff that caters to your every needs with a smile and attentiveness. The rooms are next to none. I had a stunning ocean view king room, very modern with an ambience that makes you feel like you’re in heaven. The Hilton’s outdoor pools and private beach are perhaps the main attraction. The pools are incredible, and you can order food or a cocktail in the main pool while taking a dip. The beach is pristine, extremely well kept and very private. Don’t forget to try the Hilton’s incredible breakfast buffet and dinner menu. Once you visit Hilton Cartagena the only regret you will have is when it’s time to leave. Paradise on the beach in a stunning city!!! 9257_308_z

Restaurant of The Month: Comfort food is a huge trend in NYC. From corn bread to southern style mac and cheese, Good Enough To East on NYC’s Upper West Side had made a stake in the city’s restaurant community. Plain and simple, this is home style comfort food with a bit of a southern twist. No stone is left unturned. It’s menu and and staff is most impressive. This place is for diners who crave that home cooked feel mixed with a jazzy feel. Good Enough To Eat does not disappoint. Make sure you bring a nice appetite because the portions are extremely generous. A pleasant contrast to the rest of NYC’s ultramodern resto concepts. Pleasant, affordable and fun!!!!goodenough

Inflatable crown…price and demand…grinder tool…happy feet…Gary and the Flashbacks…Beth Torah?…good face for radio…talent breeds ego…wiggy piggy bank..Howard_Stern.jpg-1072same old druid time…serious eats pizza dough…basement zapatos…grimy toadflax…Robin and the backstabbers…freight zone coimbatore…old misery the blend…cradle and swing…where did you sleep last night?

IUC Restaurant of the month: Funky, fast and hip, AG Kitchen is a culinary gem in the heart of the bustling Upper West side in NYC. Patrons keep coming back because the food and ambience is exquisite. The burgers, guacamole, surf and turf and mouth watering deserts were next to none. Service was delightful. A must for anyone seeking a perfect experience dining out on a terrace on a beautiful NYC day.

Hotel of the Month: On my recent trip to Columbia I had two amazing experiences dining out. In Medellin, Hotel San Fernando Plaza is a knockout from first glance. The luxury hotel has extraordinary views of the city and pampers its guest with every amenity under the sun. It also has my favorite hotel manager in the world, Mr. Manuel Molina, who knows the hotel industry better than just about anyone and does everything it takes to make his guests have the best hospitality experience in the world. Hotel San Fernando Plaza Medellin has an amazing restaurant, pool and a spa. The top place to stay in the stunning city of eternal spring.hotel-san-fernando-plaza


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