Do you think this story is a thing of the past? RADARangie

Papa Jon opens up about Angie – Independent

IUC Restaurant of the Month: Just visited the Hamptons. One of the highlights was lunch at 75 Main The cozy atmosphere was next to none as I downed one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. 75 Main is a cult worthy restaurant frequented by many celebrities. The food is intensely satisfying. The duck salad was so tender you could cut it with a butter knife. With its amiable staff, 75 Main is a cut above anywhere else in Southampton. 75main-Frontb1

****Biggest Clue of Year Coming Soon*****

Which Hollywood star recently offered to finance her next film to try to help boost her dwindling career? Clue: She hasn’t had a big hit in years. She loves art museums. hollywood bust

IUC Travel: Recently, I spent time in Medellin, Columbia developing a new film project. Medellin was voted the world’s most innovative city last year, beating out NYC and Tel Aviv. One of the hotels I stayed at was Medellin Royal Hotel, perched on a beautiful hilltop adjacent to the Santa Fe shopping mall – the first mall I’ve ever been to with a retractable roof. Medellin Royal had the best service I’ve ever had at a hotel in South America and the friendliest staff. The food there was spectacular, especially the breakfast buffet. The pool and gardens in this state of the art gem are next to none. If you visit Medellin this hotel is a must visit. medellinroyal

Check out this article I wrote for the Mail on Sunday. Can’t believe it’s five years since The King of Pop passed away. RIP Michael!!!unmasked

What Hollywood A-lister has decided to part ways with a notorious A-List couple because of differences that are “irreparable” The A-Lister recently vowed to never have anything to do with the couple again and deleted the couple’s phone numbers and coordinates from all phones and computers. Can you guess who everyone is????listers

IUC Restaurant of The Month: Catch Miami.
A good friend can be the emotional oasis that makes all the difference. And they can link us to wider social networks and help enrich our lives, like the dynamic and kind friend I have in Hardy Hill. Hardy has always been a person I can count on, a person who has stimulated so many people’s lives with his kindness and authenticity. He’s fun, loyal and a good influence.
Hardy has also done an amazing job help building Catch Miami into South Beach’s top dining place for foodies who crave the highest quality cuisine and ambience. Catch Miami is the top place in Miami to sit among the stars. Check out this interview with Hardy on Extra

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IUC Travel Pick of Month: Was recently back in Medellin, the metropolis in Columbia that used to be the world’s most dangerous city and is now one of the best and safest places to visit. A lot of my friends asked me how the food was there. My answer – amazing!!!! Make sure for breakfast you check out Hotel Dann Carlton’s amazing breakfast buffet, one of the best breakfast buffets I have ever experienced. Custom made omelets, great selection of fresh juices and amazing exotic fruits, cheeses and breads. A great, healthy way to start your day!!!

boradelightA celebrity pair- both currently involved in relationships – were seen recently coming out of the Manea Spa together at Pearl Beach Resort in Bora Bora. They visited the in-house tattoo artist and had the best beach bungalow Pearl has to offer. They were also seen frolicking behind a beach cabana several times. The age difference between this oddball pair is 17 years. Can you guess who they are?


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