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IUC Travel: When visiting Oslo I had the pleasure of talking to The Thief`s guest relation manager Dominic, a man who grew up in Wimbledon and is probably one of the best versed people one can ever meet in the hospitality biz. He is proud of how successful The Thief has become in its short existence and admitted it has one of the most expensive and cutting edge art collections any hotel could dream of. The thief has become the destination spot for some of the world`s top A Listers, including Bill Gates and The Rolling Stones. Prior to my trip to Oslo I had no idea how good a hotel The Thief actually is. But on my extended visit there I quickly came to the conclusion that this architectural gem is one of the finest hotels not only in Scandinavia but in all of Europe. A must stay for travelers who crave comfort mixed with class and and first class detail all the way.
When I visited Turku, Finland I had the chance to stay at one of my favorite spots, The Radisson Blu Marina, located on the river. Stunning views, amazing spa and breakfast Radisson Turku is a delight in every which way. One of the friendliest staffs I have ever encountered during my travels. The restaurant on the first floor is a culinary delight. The filet steak was world class.

This week´s Gossip Item: One of Hollywood´s most notorious couples got into a heated argument recently at a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. For the past two weeks they have barely spoken and now sleep in separate bedrooms. Can you guess who?

After a few years making films and playing music around the world, I´m ready to release my new book June 9. So excited to launch with my favorite publisher on the planet, Simon and Schuster. More details coming soon. The book is embargoed until publication date but you can preorder here Amazon

the-thief-architecture-M-02-rTravel Review of The Month: The all-but-forgotten landmarks and old buildings of Oslo are becoming more than photos in a history book. In recent years, efforts to preserve, restore and reintroduce these buildings have offered visitors an opportunity to experience the splendor of a bygone era. The building that sticks out most in this buslting area is the unique boutique hotel, The Thief. Thief, situated in Oslo`s water’s edge in Tjuvholmen, provides a fusion of historical grandiose with modern innovation and comfort in the heart of Oslo that has made it one of the most interesting and exciting hotels to stay at in all of Europe.
At Thief, I was able to enjoy luxury, veritable five star accommodation. The room was nothing short of splendor while the views over the Oslo harbor were breathtaking.
Each day I was able to enjoy the incredible spa and fine dining on its second floor restaurant.

After years of neglect, the unique building was transformed into a hotel and multi-use property that has become a favorite for business people and celebrities like Rhianna when visiting Oslo. The restored masterpiece hotel showcases the same opulence that it had during its heyday, elegant charm and top notch hospitality – all with a creative twist. Out of all the hotels I´ve stayed at all over the world The Thief sticks out as one of the finest and most exciting. A must stay while in Oslo!

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Yours truly mentioned in Saturday’s Miami Herald – Miami Herald

Do you think Bruce Jenner was texting when the tragic car accident occurred? NY Daily News

IUC Travel: On my recent European tour I had the pleasure of staying at Radisson Blu Turku. I’ve stayed at several Radisson Blu’s in the past but the one in Turku was a special gem. Aside from spacious, clean rooms, the hotel’s spa and restaurant were next to none. And the proximity of the hotel was perfect – just a few minutes walk to the center of the city When visiting Turku, Radisson Blu is a must. Staff is extra friendly, offering you directions to wherever you want to visit in stunning and vibrant Turku. They go out of their way to make you feel at home. Turku is Finland’s second largest city. It seems more quaint and more sophisticated than Helsinki Bravo Radisson Blu, bravo Turku!!!!
radisson blu Turku

Apples with pink flesh…singing elsa doll…laughing jack…easy crock pot…discount dance…boogie and tootsies…check n go…always like a girl…seesaw nystagmus…lacuna significado!!!!!

RIP Joe: Joe Franklin was a dear friend of mine. When I moved to NYC in 2006 he took me under his wing, introducing me to the who’s who of NYC. One of my fondest memories was my then five year old daughter Clover singing Over The Rainbow to Joe in his 43rd Street office. (I will attempt to dig up the video and post it in the coming days). Joe, you will be missed forever. NYT

Restaurant of the Month: My longtime buddy Fred formerly of Red has done it again. He is part of the super fab new South Beach restaurant SooWoo This upscale Korean/sushi gem is the hottest new restaurant in Miami. Fresh meats and fish cooked right in front of you by a staff that is of the highest training, mixing cuisine with acrobatics. SooWoo is a culinary show that has not been seen before anywhere. A must destination for foodies!!! My only beef with SooWoo is that they are not yet globally branded. I intend to call the owner and discuss franchising them, it will be a sure home run. Bravo SooWoo, you did it your way and better than anyone else!!!! I will review SooWoo’s Sunday buffet in the coming weeks.

SooWoo is hottest new spot to chow down in Miami

SooWoo is hottest new spot to chow down in Miami

Hotel of the Month: Palais Hansen Keminski Vienna, a jewel of a hotel right in the middle of vibrant Vienna. This hotel is uber high end, mixing great accommodations with a funky lobby/lounge and a mouth watering restaurant. The best choice to stay at when you visit Austria’s historical city.


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