A top source in the DNP told IUC Brad Pitt would have a good chance to lead the party in the future, if he was interested. “We love Brad,” the source told IUC. “He’s one of the most astute and politically aware actors we’ve seen in Hollywood in ages. The only other actor who comes close to Brad is Sean Penn, but if they’d run against each other Brad would win easily.” Asked about the possibility of Angelina becoming First Lady the source replied, “it would be tricky because I don’t believe they’re married. She seems to have cleaned up her act in recent years and has given a lot back. I don’t think it would be a big issue.”bp whitehouse

*****Update***** “Johnny Knoxville has a better shot leading the Republicans than Angie does becoming First Lady”, a Washington insider added tonight.
*****Update***** Breaking story coming soon….

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IUC Travel: Twenty years ago Medellin was famed for drugs and cocaine. Today it is perhaps the most beautiful city in South America, and the one city that can be described as truly unique. Sit in an outdoor cafe in El Poblado, walk through its amazing charming parks or ride the city’s spotless public metro and see Medellin romantically flash before your eyes. Beautiful views are found down its scenic, picturesque streets, blending its culture together to give it a unique aura now lost in so many other cities. And the people of Medellin are the friendliest I’ve encountered in years. Ask them for directions and they won’t move until they’re sure you know where to go.
Best Hotel in Medellin: Elegant and luxurious, the best place to stay is Dann Carlton which is situated in the heart of El Poblado district. It is truly a teetering, stunning and comfortable hotel of high design from the immaculate lobby to the rooms and suites that feature comfortable beds with luscious bedding, spotless bathrooms and plenty of room. The outdoor pool and large sun deck gives the ultimate view of a park adjacent to the hotel. The food at Dann Carlton is delicious and will flood your mouth with incredible flavor. All of its restaurants are elegant and modernist. Not to be missed!!!!
IUC Rating: Dann Carlton gets 10 out of 10danncarltonmedellindann-carlton-medellin

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To all my loyal readers – Happy Valentines!!!!! Love you all!!!!!

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are u ready

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Restaurant of the month: Last week I had the pleasure of dining at three amazing restaurants in midtown. First up was B & Co,14 East 58th Street(Between 5th and Madison Avenues). If you’re a fan of antipasto this culinary gem if the place to go. Sparked by amazing ambience and decor, B&Co’s menu is filled with tasty dishes that will make your taste buds explode. The two dishes I liked most was the tuna tartare and the Zarina risotto, which featured wild salmon, caviar and champagne. This is one restaurant I highly suggest the next time you’re in NYC. B&Co hands down wins IUC restaurant of the month.
The other two restaurants I dined out were on 8th Avenue, which recently has been revived by some amazing, new restaurants. Social Bar&Grill is a great place to have a good nosh while watching your favorite sporting event. The place was packed on a Tuesday night, a great sign for 8th Ave. which used to be notoriously quiet early in the week. The burgers here were fab. The chicken tenders I had for a starter were the best I’ve had in NYC.
The next night I dined a couple doors away on 8th Ave at Latitude Bar&Grill.
I love this place. Once again, this 8th Ave. gem was packed. Great atmosphere combined with amazing bar food and full meals. Best dish without a doubt was the lobster, shrimp and crab dip – extremely tasty and affordable at only 16 bucks and change. Fun place to unwind after a long day in the city.
NYC’s Finest Hotel: After a mega million buck renovation, Park Central Hotel has become the finest and trendiest place to stay in NYC. This blockbuster hotel has all the amenities, updates and comfort one needs for their stay in the big apple. Best of all is its location, a minute away from Central Park and right near Broadway, 5th Ave., and all the great restaurants NYC has to offer. I cannot recommend Park Central enough!!!!!!2parkcentral

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Travel Destination of The Month: Recently, I stayed at the extremely cozy Hotel Spa Watel in Ste Agathe, nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Laurentians one hour north of Montreal. Directly across from stunning Lac Des Sables, Hotel Spa Watel is a must destination if you visit this area. The rooms are cute and comfortable with a country feel. The hotel’s restaurant is worth a trip alone. I enjoyed a three course meal that was french cuisine at its finest. My only complaint about this gem was that I only stayed one night. Next time I will spend at least a few nights there. A great escape from it all.

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