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IUC To Kate: Days Like This

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Lets all give a shout out to Kate. Hope you feel better. xooxxoxo
Days Like This
days like this

Update: New post in next few days – miss you all.

Apples clean teeth…glitz the ramp…living like the duggars…bogarts the used…pass me over zippy…so much unrequited love…like a small horse with big ears…feeling the aster…the good smelling plumber…mellow small dogs breed…can you dance like a hippogriff?…each time i swallow my throat hurts…novolin 70/30…how do you make a french braid…summertime in that 71 cutlass…give me something to swab the duck…easy to follow diet plan…millions of cats caldecott…sign over the gates of hell…trying to be the boss on a beaver brown budget…a night swim in yeddo bay!!!!horseytothe
IUC Restaurant Review: Nothing short of five star food and five star service for Villagio on the Park in NYC. Straightforward Italian food, this vibrant new restaurant on Central Park South is the quintessential dining experience in the Big Apple. All the food is fresh, thoughtfully cooked and well presented. No trip to Central Park would be complete without a bowl of pasta at Villagio. The lobster seafood dish is the best I’ve had anywhere in the world. The food at Villagio is rivaled only by its stunning setting. Get your taste of Italy today on the Park. Great value, great wine list – a true dining experience. ***** out of 5

Do you think this story is a thing of the past? RADARangie

Papa Jon opens up about Angie – Independent

IUC Restaurant of the Month: Just visited the Hamptons. One of the highlights was lunch at 75 Main The cozy atmosphere was next to none as I downed one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. 75 Main is a cult worthy restaurant frequented by many celebrities. The food is intensely satisfying. The duck salad was so tender you could cut it with a butter knife. With its amiable staff, 75 Main is a cut above anywhere else in Southampton. 75main-Frontb1

****Biggest Clue of Year Coming Soon*****

Which Hollywood star recently offered to finance her next film to try to help boost her dwindling career? Clue: She hasn’t had a big hit in years. She loves art museums. hollywood bust

IUC Travel: Recently, I spent time in Medellin, Columbia developing a new film project. Medellin was voted the world’s most innovative city last year, beating out NYC and Tel Aviv. One of the hotels I stayed at was Medellin Royal Hotel, perched on a beautiful hilltop adjacent to the Santa Fe shopping mall – the first mall I’ve ever been to with a retractable roof. Medellin Royal had the best service I’ve ever had at a hotel in South America and the friendliest staff. The food there was spectacular, especially the breakfast buffet. The pool and gardens in this state of the art gem are next to none. If you visit Medellin this hotel is a must visit. medellinroyal

Check out this article I wrote for the Mail on Sunday. Can’t believe it’s five years since The King of Pop passed away. RIP Michael!!!unmasked


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